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The Integrated Programs in Biomedical Sciences (IPIBS) is a gateway for graduate students interested in biomedical research as a career choice. The University of Louisville offers a supportive academic environment in a friendly, vibrant city and a financial assistance package consisting of an annual stipend of $33,000, health insurance and full tuition coverage. Once a student passes their Qualifying Exam and advances to Doctoral Candidacy, the stipend amount increases to $35,000. 

Graduate students enter the IPIBS program through one of the five basic biomedical discipline-based PhD programs at the School of Medicine. IPIBS awards fellowships for students in the first two years in the program, after which support is maintained through the Departments.

There is a flexible core-curriculum during the first year, supplemented with discipline-based coursework. Also during the first year, students choose a research mentor and project, which will form the basis of their PhD dissertation research. IPIBS is designed to provide an integrated core-curriculum and maximum flexibility for students who want to enter biomedical research careers.

Louisville, KY city scapeStudents who are unsure of their research interests may still enter through one of the five discipline-based programs, but have an opportunity to change programs to best match their research interests and career needs during the first year.


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