What is the policy for extramural letters of evaluation?

  • The candidate will provide to the department chair a list of six MD, Ph.D, Ed.D, DDS, or JD evaluators. The chair will evaluate the appropriateness of the evaluators. The department chair may use these evaluators or strike names for cause and enlist evaluators of the chair's choosing. The chair solicits letters of evaluation and collects them.
  • Evaluators must be well established in the candidate's field of research, teaching, or clinical service and qualified to access the quality of the candidate's contributions to the field. Former UofL faculty (including full-time, part-time and gratis faculty) must have been absent from the University for a period of five years to be acceptable as extramural reviewers.
  • Mentors, close colleagues, co-authors, collaborators, and so on are not considered objective and acceptable evaluators. The relationship of evaluators to the university and to the candidate must be clearly stated in the chair's letter.
  • Evaluators should comment on the quality of work under review. Evaluators will be asked to comment on whether proficiency, excellence, scholarly activity, and scholarship have been demonstrated in the areas required.
  • Evaluators will be provided a current CV, teaching evaluations, clinical evaluations, and reprints if applicable. The definitions of proficiency, excellence, scholarly activity, and scholarship that apply to the candidate will also be included.