Student Promotions Committee

Term: The term of office is three years.  There are no limits to the number of terms a member may serve.

Membership: The committee consists of one representative from each department of the School of Medicine, a representative from each major core interdisciplinary course, one representative from the Trover Campus, and three elected student representatives (one from the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year classes - who together constitute one vote).  The Assistant Dean of Medical Student Affairs serves as chair and is a non-voting member.  The department representatives are appointed by the department chair after consultation with members of the department during a faculty meeting; the Trover Campus representative is appointed by the Associate Dean of the Trover Campus.

Responsibilities: The committee reviews the academic progress of all students with unsatisfactory performance or other academic problems and makes recommendations to the Dean for corrective action or dismissal.  The Student Promotions Committee also makes recommendations to the Dean concerning request for leaves of absence.

Meeting Dates: The committee meets at the end of each academic year and at other times as necessary to make recommendations to the Dean concerning students whose scholarship, behavior, or clinical competence is reported to be unsatisfactory.

Student Promotions Committee

Shorye Durrett, MDAsst. Dean Student Affairs Academic Support & Professionalism
Brian Davis, PhDAnatomical Sciences2018-21
Stephanie Weede, MDAnesthesiology2018-21
Marsha Cole, PhDBiochemistry2020-21
Kandis Adkins, MDCardiovascular Surgery2018-21
Melissa Platt, MDEmergency Medicine2018-21
Jennifer Daily, MDFamily Medicine2018-21
Kristan Milam, MDMedicine2018-21
James Graham, PhDMicrobiology & Immunology2018-21
Beatrice Ugiliweneza, PhDNeurological Surgery2018-21
David Robertson, MDNeurology2018-21
Sara Petruska, MDOB/GYN & Women's Health2018-21
Joern Soltau, MDOphthalmology2018-21
Steven Glassman, MDOrthopaedic Surgery2018-21
Swapna Chandran, MDOtolaryngology - HNS2018-21
Adrienne Jordan, MDPathology2018-21
Laura Bishop, MDPediatrics2018-21
Dee Antimisiaris, PharmDPharmacology2018-21
David Redinger, MDPsychiatry2018-21
Dale Schuschke, PhDPhysiology2018-21
Tracy L. Van Meter, MDRadiology2018-21
Neal Dunlap, MDRadiation Oncology2018-21
Cynthia Downard, MDSurgery2018-21
Ahmad Mohamed, MDUrology2018-21
Trover Campus
Asim Mohiuddim4th yr student
Ajay Patel3rd yr student
Cameron Garner2nd yr student