Student Admissions Committee

Term: The term of office is three years.  Members may not serve on other standing committees (excluding Faculty Forum).  There are no limits to the number of terms a member may serve.

Membership: This committee consists of eight elected executive faculty, three elected students, three appointed students and the associate dean for admissions.  Elected faculty membership is equally divided between pre-clinical and clinical departments, with no department having more than one representative.  The associate dean for admissions serves as chair and is a non-voting member.  The dean may appoint additional members from faculty and community physicians.

Responsibilities: The committee selects students for admission in accordance with School of Medicine and University regulations and accreditation standards.  The committee establishes policies and criteria for admissions that are forwarded to the Faculty Forum for action.  Procedures for selection of students are formulated by the committee in consultation with the associate dean for admissions.

Meeting Dates: The committee meets the 2nd and 4th Tuesday, 1:00pm-3:00 pm, during the months of August through March.  Members are requested to interview student candidates a minimum of twice per month.  Interviews are held most Wednesdays, Thursdays and 1st and 3rd Tuesdays during the months of August through March.  Morning interviews are scheduled for 9:30am-11:30am and afternoon interviews are scheduled for 2:00pm-4:00pm.  Interviewers are required to complete an interview summary form for each candidate and then present the candidate to the admissions committee.  Members interview on an "as needed" basis for the Guaranteed Entrance to Medical School program.  Available members attend pre-orientation for newly admitted students

Student Admissions Committee

Steven Wheeler, MD (Chair)Associate Dean for Admissions
Jonathan Cohen, MDPediatrics2021-24
Glen Franklin, MD*Surgery2019-22
Diana Neamtu, MDAnesthesiology2019-22
Pascale Alard, PhD*Microbiology and Immunology2020-23
Dale Ding, MDNeurological Surgery2019-22
Wei Wang, MD, PhDOphthalmology2019-22
Suzaanne McGee, MDEmergency Medicine2020-23
Jun Zhao, DOPediatrics2020-23
Jack Dillon2nd yr student - elected
Ademilola Tejuoso3rd yr student - elected
Ryan Long4th yr student - elected
Cameron Schumtz3rd yr student - appt
Jessica Javed (nee' Banet)4th yr student - appt
Luke Archer2nd yr student - appt
Grad student - appt
Additional Faculty Appointed by the Dean
Andrea Woolfolk, MDPediatrics2021-24
Lowell Katz, MDCommunity Representative2021-24
Michael Needleman, MDCommunity Representative2021-24
Rafael Fernandez-Botran, PhDPathology2019-22
Robert Caudill, MDPsychiatry2021-24
Steven Ellis, PhDBiochemistry2021-24
Faye Jones, MD, PHD, MSPHPediatrics2021-24
Sarah Wagers, MDNeurological Surgery2021-24
Brittney Richardson, MDFamily Medicine2020-23
Tania Condurache, MDPediatrics2020-23
David Wiegman, PhDPhysiology2021-24
Dwayne Compton, EdDAssoc. Dean, Comm. Div2021-24
Caitlin WesselRising MS-2 Student2021-22