Student Academic Grievance Committee

Term: The term of office is three years.  Members may not serve on other standing committees (excluding Faculty Forum).  There are no limits to the number of terms a member may serve.

Membership: The committee consists of six elected executive faculty, three undergraduate medical students, three graduate students, three residents, and three post-doctoral fellows.  Faculty membership is equally divided between pre-clinical and clinical departments, with no department having more than one representative.  Undergraduate student members participate in cases of undergraduate medical student grievances, residents participate during resident grievance proceedings, graduate students participate in graduate student grievances, and post-doctoral fellows participate in cases of post-doctoral fellow grievances.

Responsibilities: The committee meets with students who believe they have been treated unfairly, discriminated against, or have had their rights abridged.

Meeting Dates: The committee meets on an "as needed" basis.  Pre-hearing meetings (2) last approximately 1 hour.  Hearings may last one to two days.

Student Academic Grievance Committee

Joy Hart, Grievance Officer
Patrick Scott, PhDOphthalmology2019-22
Diana Pantalos, PhDPediatrics2020-23
Carolyn Roberson, PhD*Microbiology2020-23
Kellen Choi, DO, FACOSUrology2019-22
Phillip Bressoud, MD*Medicine2020-23
Mohiuddin Hadi, MDRadiology2019-22
Jenee Hardin2nd yr student2021-24
Rakhi Patel3rd yr student2020-23
Alex Wermeling4th yr student2019-22
Aurora CruzResident2019-20
Joanna OhlendorfResident2019-20
Hayley HeesemannResident2019-20