Promotion, Appointment, and Tenure Committee

Term: The term of office is three years.  Members may not serve on other standing committees (excluding Faculty Forum).  Members of this committee who have served two full consecutive terms must wait an additional two full terms before being eligible to serve again.

Membership: This committee shall include eight elected tenured and four elected term executive faculty holding the rank of professor.  Membership is divided based on the 1/4 pre-clinical and 3/4 clinical departments.  The PAT Committee, at minimum, is required to have one female and one under-represented minority member.  The committee annually elects its own chair from among its members.  At-large members may be elected and increase the membership of the committee only by the number of positions needed to achieve the composition adjustment (one for gender and/or one for under-represented minority).

Responsibilities: The committee is responsible for the development of comprehensive academic personnel documents (Policy for Promotion, Appointment, and Tenure and for Periodic Career Review in the University of Louisville School of Medicine).  The committee makes recommendations to the dean for the granting of tenure, the appointment and promotion of probationary and tenured faculty to the rank of associate professor and professor, respectively, and periodic career reviews.  For consideration of tenure, only tenured members of the committee will have voting privileges.  The committee reviews and approves departmental guidelines for evaluations and reappointments of faculty who hold non-tenurable appointments.

Meeting Dates: The PAT Committee meets on the third Wednesday of each month from 12:00 noon to 2:30 pm, in the Abell Administration Building. (Bring your own lunch.)  Time commitment:  2.5 hours meeting time, with an additional 1 to 2 hours additional preparation time.

Promotion Appointment & Tenure Committee Representatives

Heidi Koenig, MDAnesthesiology2019-22
Haring Nauta, MD, PhDNeurological Surgery2019-22
Guillermo Rougier, PhD, ChairAnatomical Sciences2019-22
Haribabu Bodduluri, PhDMicrobiology2019-22
Michelle Stevenson, MD (term)*Pediatrics2019-22
George Pantalos, PhD*Cardiovascular2019-22
Timothy Price, MDEmergency Medicine2020-23
Ronald Morton, MDPediatrics2020-23
Chin Ng, PhDRadiology2020-23
James Snyder, PhD (term)*Pathology2021-24
Yiyan Liu, MD (appointed)Radiology2021-24
Mark Linder, PhDPathology2020-23

*Serving 2nd consecutive term