Graduate Council

Term: The term of office is three years.  Members may not serve on other standing committees (excluding Faculty Forum).  There are no limits to the number of terms a member may serve.

Membership: The Graduate Council consists of seven elected and two appointed Executive Faculty, three graduate student representatives, and the Associate Dean for Graduate and Post-doctoral Affairs who serves as chair.  The seven elected members must be a member of the graduate faculty and are selected as follows:  one member is elected from each of the graduate degree granting preclinical departments, one member from the Audiology program, one member from the Speech Pathology program, and one member representing a clinical department who is engaged in graduate student education appointed by the Dean.

Responsibilities: The Graduate Council shall advise the Dean on academic matters pertaining to the education of Ph.D., M.S., and Au.D. students.  These matters shall include admission standards, academic standards and performance, academic program administration, and faculty participation in graduate education.

Meeting Dates: The Graduate Council meets the first Friday of each month from 121:00 noon - 1:00pm.  Preparation time varies according to the agenda items being discussed.