Criteria for Service Awards


A letter of nomination and a current CV is all that is needed.  However, the letter of nomination must: 1.) be on letterhead 2.) specify which category the nominee is being nominated for 3.) have a detailed description, including examples of why the nominee should be considered for the award. Self-nomination is not allowed.


Service to UofL; Profession; Community, the Commonwealth and/or Region; National/International Community

Nominees must have been a full-time employee of the University of Louisville and have been employed by UL for 5 years immediately preceding receipt of the award.  All service must have been performed while the individual was a full-time faculty member at UofL and must provide evidence of the exceptional service in the category for which they are nominated.  No person may receive more than one award within a five-year period.

Career Achievement

Nominees require an academic career of 15 years or greater, with the preceding five years of residence at the University of Louisville.  No person may receive more than one career achievement award from the University of Louisville during their career. Faculty in phased-retirement are eligible for this award.  The recipient of the Career Achievement Award should be selected on basis of a combination of all 5 services. (Service to UofL; to the Profession; to the Community, the Commonwealth and/or Region; and National/International Community)


Finalists will be asked to provide Letters of Support from outside of the University of Louisville School of Medicine (unless the nomination is for “Service to UL”), in addition to what was submitted for the initial nomination.