Criteria for Multicultural Education Award


A letter of nomination and a current CV is all that is needed.  However, the letter of nomination must: 1.) be on letterhead 2.) specify which category the nominee is being nominated for 3.) have a detailed description, including examples of why the nominee should be considered for the award. Self-nomination is not allowed.


Nominees will reflect the diversity of academic disciplines, knowledge bases, scholarship, and research found in urban, doctorate-granting institutions of higher education. Diverse types of student assessment are utilized to meet the diverse needs of students. Candidates should regularly use collaborative learning strategies such as portfolios, case studies, field work, charts, graphs, videos, journals, literary narratives, performance arts, scientific exercises, or teaching strategies and practices to empower learning styles of students from different global perspectives, language constructions, and disabilities. The award recognizes multicultural education and teaching, distinct from international education and teaching, and supports active and reflective learning, inclusion, diversity, and cultural pluralism, while recognizing that no one multicultural model exists.  Self-nomination is not allowed and all previous Multicultural Teaching Award recipients are ineligible.


Finalists will be asked to provide at least the following, in addition to what was submitted for the nomination:

  1. Statement of Professional Teaching Philosophy
  2. Support materials to show evidence of their characteristics and qualifications exemplifying  multicultural education.  (example: notes from students, reviews from learners, well planned syllabi, assignments and other materials)
  3. Letters of Support