Medical Student Clerkship

Clinical Clerkship Director

Mohammed A. Said, MD, Director of Clinical Services

Residency Program Coordinator

Cindy A. Brown, Coordinator
Department of Urology
501 E. Broadway, Suite 270
Louisville, KY 40202

 Dr. Mohammed A. Said


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 University of Louisville Urology Residency Program welcomes senior medical students to participate in a four-week sub-internship. During this month, students will gain an in-depth exposure to urologic medicine. The student will participate as a member of the urology team in the clinical setting, and operating rooms. The student will learn how to evaluate and work up all common urological conditions and diseases. They will learn basic urologic clinical skills such as a physical exam and urinary catheter placement. They will observe urologic surgery and participate at the appropriate level in the operating room. Information detailing our urology rotations can be found under the Clinical Phase Curriculum on our site.

Rotations are available beginning each academic year for qualified, fourth-year medical students from LCME-accredited medical schools. Interested students should contact the UofL Office of Student Affairs, University of Louisville School of Medicine at 502-852-5815 for more information. However, formal approval requires that an application be submitted and verified through VSAS to secure the rotation. Students who do not submit a complete VSAS application will not be permitted to rotate. Requests will be reviewed and rotations will be scheduled in the order they are received.

A general outline of the rotation can be seen below: 

Initial exposure for visiting students may be at this busy, urban Level-1 Trauma Center in the heart of Louisville, Kentucky. Students will have the opportunity to participate on a care-team ran by the chief resident. Students will receive equal exposure to inpatient management, outpatient clinics and the operating room. In addition to the University Hospital location, students will also work with urology faculty from various sub-specialties. (i.e. Urologic Oncology, Female Urology, Neuro-urology and Pelvic Floor Reconstruction, and Pediatric Urology) 

Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4


530 S Jackson St, Louisville, KY 40202 · ~1.4 mi


800 Zorn Ave, Louisville, KY 40206 · ~2.4 mi


200 E. Chestnut St., Louisville, KY 40202 · ~1.7 mi


200 Abraham Flexner Way, Louisville, KY 40202 · ~1.7 mi

Pediatric Urology

231 E Chestnut St, Louisville, KY 40202 · ~1.7 mi

Monday: OR

Tuesday: HCOC clinic AM, OR PM

Wednesday: HCOC clinic AM and PM

Thursday: HCOC clinic AM and PM

Friday: OR AM and PM

Monday: Special GU Clinic am and pm

Tuesday: Clinic AM and OR PM

Wednesday: OR AM and PM

Thursday: OR AM and PM

Friday Clinic AM and PM

Monday: OR

Tuesday: Core Faculty OR, Clinical Faculty in the PM

Wednesday: Clinical faculty OR AM and PM

Thursday: Clinical faculty OR AM and PM

Friday: OR with Assistant Program Director and Clinical Faculty

Monday: OR with Pediatric faculty.

Tuesday: OR with Pediatric faculty.

Wednesday: OR with Pediatric faculty.

Thursday: OR with Pediatric faculty.

Friday: Clinical office AM and PM

Call Responsibility

Taking call is not mandatory during this rotation. However, for those interested in learning about the call responsibility, the experience may be arranged via shadowing an on-call resident, at the discretion of the chief resident. Students should not attempt more than five calls for the month.


Students are expected to attend the dedicated didactics for the residents on Fridays from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. at the academic office, as well Journal Club on Thursdays from 5:30-7:30 a.m.


Students are required to present a topic for grand rounds at the end of their rotation. It should be a PowerPoint presentation and can cover any area of interest; however, students are encouraged to seek guidance from senior residents and/or faculty.

Specific Goals of the Sub-Internship

Develop skills in history and physical examination in patients presenting with urological complaints. Understand the basic structure of inpatient as well as outpatient urology practice. Carry-out routine patient care tasks as part of the urology team including daily inpatient rounds and postoperative care, participating in urologic surgery, evaluating new outpatient and inpatient consults under direct supervision. Present a routine urology patient concisely and accurately to an attending. Develop team work skills and communicate effectively Learn. ENJOY!

Student Evaluation

Students will be evaluated by the faculty members who worked extensively with that student. In addition, the chief resident on service is asked to perform an evaluation. Written evaluations are completed at the end of the four-week rotation. An exit interview will be performed to provide direct, oral feedback. Evaluation will be based on multiple factors, including: patient care, knowledge, professionalism, interpersonal communication skills and work ethic. Visiting students will not be required/expected to return for a formal interview during the residency match season.

For more information about clerkships and our program, visit: Visiting Student Program


Question: “I have a rotation in two weeks, where do I go?”

Answer: Once visiting students have met the requirements of the office of student affairs and are ready to begin their rotation, they should receive an email with instructions. If you have not received information two weeks prior to your start date, reach out to for information. The urology chief resident will provide further instruction. You will be expected to attend urology teaching conferences each week. Please be sure to sign in so we may record your attendance. Best of luck!

Question: “I would like the faculty to write letters of recommendation for the match, can I ask them directly?”

Answer: You may certainly ask the faculty to write letters, however, any requests should be made via email with cc: to Such requests should be accompanied by a copy of your CV and the letter from ERAS which includes pertinent information.

Question: “Do I have access to the Electronic Health Records system?”

Answer: Individual access to EHR for visiting students is available if all training requirements have been met prior to your rotation. Information and instructions will be provided.

If you wish to speak to the coordinator, please contact Cindy Brown at 502-588-4299 or via email at