Prevent sports-related eye injuries

More than 40 percent of all eye injuries are related to sports or recreational activities, accounting for more than 100,000 physician visits a year and costing more than $175 million. The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends that everyone, even people who do not require optical correction, use protective eyewear during sports.

“Ninety percent of sports-related eye injuries in school-aged children can be avoided with protective eyewear,” said Kara Tison, O.D., optometrist with UofL Physicians–Pediatric Eye Specialists. “Regular prescription glasses do not provide adequate protection, and if a trauma occurs, can cause more damage.”

It is important to choose protection that has been tested and meets standards from the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), which establishes the guideline of recommended sports eye protection for children.

Sports eye protection needs to have an ASTM label and fit the athlete comfortably and properly. Health care professionals can suggest appropriate eyewear for young athletes.

If an eye injury occurs, it should be evaluated by a health care provider. While most ocular injuries are painful, some are painless and can cause permanent vision loss.

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