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We offer a 4-year combined anatomic and clinical pathology residency. Our program’s mission is to provide trainees with a balanced and supportive learning environment that will prepare them for a successful career in pathology. We accomplish our mission through emphasis on active learning with graduated responsibilities in AP and CP rotations, board-relevant and practice-relevant didactics that occur during the resident morning lecture, on rotation and through the visitor lecture series, support for required scholarly activity, and guidance provided by the residency program office and the mentorship program.

The majority of the resident AP and CP core and elective rotations  take place at the four downtown Louisville hospitals, all in close proximity, which include University of Louisville Hospital, Norton Hospital, Norton Children’s Hospital, and Jewish Hospital. Combined, the four hospitals offer residents access to greater than 40,000 surgical pathology cases, approximately 70 autopsies, 10,000 cytopathology cases, and over 3 million laboratory procedures annually. The Medical Examiner’s service accounts for over 1,000 additional autopsies.

Our program has 12 residents, with 3 residents per PGY level. Graduates from our program have obtained and completed fellowships in AP and CP at various academic centers and have gone on to practice pathology in either an academic or private practice setting.

Our Resident Program Office consists of Ms. Latosha Cowherd, Program Coordinator; Ms. Mary Williams, Assistant Program Coordinator; Samer Z. Al-Quran, MD, Program Director, and , Clinical Pathology Associate Program Director. Ms. Cowherd is available to answer or field any questions you may have in addition to the information displayed within our website.

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