M&I Seminar Schedule

The Department of Microbiology & Immunology hosts a weekly seminar series on Thursdays at noon and first Tuesdays at 11 am in Room 101 or 124 in CTRB.

To receive seminar announcements, please email  and you will be added to the email distribution list.

Below is the list of speakers scheduled for Spring 2019.


Spring 2020
7-JanRejeena Shrestha11a-12pCTRB 124Student PresentationYan
16-JanStacey Gilk12p-1pCTRB 101Guest SpeakerWarawa
4-FebAnne Geller11a-12pCTRB 124Student PresentationYan
6-FebDavid Heinrichs12p-1pCTRB 101Guest SpeakerLawrenz
13-FebAutumn LaPointe12p-1pCTRB 101Student PresentationSokoloski
3-MarDylan Johnson11a-12pCTRB 124Student PresentationLukashevich
5-MarScott Gerber12p-1pCTRB 101Guest SpeakerEgilmez
12-MarSarah Price12-1pCTRB 101Student PresentationLawrenz
19-MarChrystal Paulos12p-1pCTRB 101Guest SpeakerEgilmez
26-MarArul Jayaraman12p-1pCTRB 101Guest SpeakerJala
2-AprHazel Ozuna12p-1pCTRB 101Student PresentationDemuth
7-AprJing Ma11a-12pCTRB 124Student PresentationKosiewicz
9-AprBethany Vaughn12p-1pCTRB 101Student PresentationAbu Kwaik
16-AprAlain Stinzi12p-1pCTRB 101Guest SpeakerAlard
23-AprAndrew Camilli12p-1pCTRB 101Guest SpeakerLawrenz
5-MayDrew Skidmore11a-12pCTRB 124Student PresentationChung
7-MayKwangsik Kim12p-1pCTRB 101Guest SpeakerChung
14-MayPradeep Shrestha12p-1pCTRB 101Student PresentationShirwan/Yolcu
28-MayMelissa Henckel12p-1pCTRB 101Student PresentationAnne Geller
4-JunHenry Nabeta12p-1pCTRB 101Student PresentationPalmer
11-JunJames Harder12p-1pCTRB 101Student PresentationKosiewicz


Combined Seminar Schedule(includes IDC, MPJC, Guest Speaker, and Student Presentations)