Sharmila Nair, PhD

Research Interests 

Glioblastoma multiform (GBM) tumors is one of the most aggressive primary brain tumor, and virtually all patients die within 2 years of diagnosis. Poor patient outcomes from GBM are multifactorial, including the presence of GBM stem cells (GSCs), which are resistant to radiation treatment and chemotherapy, and weak antitumor immunological responses. Overcoming resistance to immune checkpoint blockade and augmenting immune responses that suppress tumor growth is a therapeutic priority in GBM. Zika virus has a unique capability to target and lyse GSCs which opened the field of glioblastoma research to using the oncolytic capacity of Zika virus to treat GBM. Our laboratory focuses on leveraging the unique tropism of Zika virus (ZIKV) and the host immune system to target/lyse glioblastoma tumors as well as understand how therapeutic ZIKV treatment in brain tumors improves anti-tumor immune responses. Our research interests are aimed at

  1. Understanding mechanisms by which ZIKV improves immunological responses against glioblastoma tumors.
  2. Identify critical residues on ZIKV genome that mediate oncolytic efficacy against Glioblastoma Stem cells.
  3. Developing and testing immune therapies that provides better success in targeting glioblastoma tumors in combination with oncolytic ZIKV therapy.



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