Carolyn Casella, Ph.D.



Dr. Casella is interested in medical education and teaches in both Medical and Dental schools. She is the recipient of two awards given by students. In 2017, she received the Gender Equity Award given by the American Medical Woman’s Association. In 2020, Dr. Casella received the Golden Apple from the class of 2022.

Dr. Casella has studied many aspects of the replication of retroviruses in both graduate school and post-doctoral work.  This includes studies detailing the requirement for HIV’s matrix protein in incorporation of viral envelope glycoproteins onto the virion, and the sensitivity of HIV infected cells to apoptosis and the viral proteins involved. More recently, Dr. Casella’s research interests have involved the detoxified endotoxin vaccine adjuvant monophosphoryl lipid A and mimetics of lipid A structures.  Her interests are in the interactions of these Toll-like receptors (TLRs) with cells of the immune system and how different structures elicit varied responses.


Selected Publications

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