DOM members excel at 2017 Research!Louisville

Annual event highlights, promotes excellence and public awareness of health sciences research at the Louisville Medical Center
DOM members excel at 2017 Research!Louisville

Ming Song, Ph.D., of the UofL Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition receives the Jewish Hospital & St. Mary's Foundation Faculty Award - Instructor at Research!Louisville 2017

Several members of the University of Louisville Department of Medicine made an impact at the recent 2017 Research!Louisville competitions, held in conjunction with the event's 22nd annual showcase of health/life sciences research conducted at UofL.

A panel of university faculty judges selected the winners of this year's contest from hundreds of entries in the categories of professional/clinical students, basic science grad students, postgraduates and faculty.

Here's a look at finished at or near the top in their respective categories:

Master's Basic Science Graduate Student Award

  • 2nd place: Fengyuan Li - CRAMP Deletion Exacerbates Alcohol-Induced Liver and Pancreas Injury via Regulation of Gut Microbiota and Systemic Inflammasome Activation. Mentor: Wenke Feng

Doctoral Basic Science Graduate Student Award

  • 1st place: John Caleb Greenwell - Interplay between aging, lung remodeling, and fibronectin EDA in lung cancer progression. Mentor: Jesse Roman

Postdoctoral Fellow Award

  • 2nd place: Hridgandh Donde - Tributyrin Administration Targets Alcohol-induced Pathogenic Mechanisms in the Gut-liver Axis: Relevance to the Development of Therapeutic Strategies in Alcoholic Liver Disease. Mentor: Shirish Barve
  • 1st place: Nazimuddin Khan - Human Guanylate Kinase: NMR structure determination and functional investigation of a new biomolecular target for lung cancer. Mentor: T. Michael Sabo

Research Associate Award

  • 2nd place: Ray Yeager - Residential Proximity to Green Vegetation is Negatively Associated with Exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds. Mentor: Aruni Bhatnagar

Research Staff Award

  • Winner: Ernesto Pena Calderin - Exercise-Enhanced Macrophage Phagocytosis And Resolvin Biosynthesis Are Abrogated By A Diet High In Fat. Mentor: Jason Hellmann
  • Winner: Bryan Betty - Current Practice of Bronchodilator Reversibility Measurement Underestimates Asthma in the Older Adult

Public Health & Information Sciences

  • Master's Student Award: Thomas Chandler - Using Time to Clinical Stability to Predict Long-Term Mortality in Adult Patients Hospitalized for Community-Acquired Pneumonia: Results from the University of Louisville Pneumonia Study. Mentors: Paula Peyrani & Stephen Furmanek
  • Doctoral Student Award: Stacey Konkle - The Association of Volatile Organic Compound Exposures with Serum Lipids. Mentor: Aruni Bhatnagar

NCI Cancer Education Program Norbert J. Burzynski Award Professional Student Category

  • 3rd place: Taylor Q. Nguyen - Development of novel diagnostic methodologies for diagnosis and monitoring in melanoma. Mentor: Nichola Garbett

NCI Cancer Education Program Norbert J. Burzynski Award Undergraduate Student Category

  • 3rd place: Megan Peterson - Evaluating the Potential of Two Copper-Containing Compounds to Selectively Target Cancer Cells. Mentor: Paula Bates

Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s Foundation Faculty Award - Instructor

  • Winner: Ming Song - Dietary Copper-Fructose Interactions Alter Gut Microbial Activity in Male Rats

Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s Foundation Faculty Award - Assistant Professor

  • Winner: Leila Gobejishvili - Correlation between the phosphodiesterase 4 (PDE4) family of enzymes and inflammatory and fibrotic markers in human livers

Louisville Chapter-Women in Medicine and Science

  • 3rd place: Jennifer Koch - Gender Differences in the Experience of Internal Medicine Residents

Excellence in Health Disparities Research Award

  • 1st place: Adam Neff - Prevalence and Risk Factors for Anal Dysplasia in HIV-negative and HIV-positive Men Who Have Sex with Men: Results from the 550 Clinic Cohort Study. Mentor: Paula Peyrani