Clinical Training


Fellows receive their clinical training equally dispersed between four hospitals on the Medical Center Campus: University of Louisville Hospital, the Veterans Administration Medical Center, UofL Hospital - Jewish Campus, and Norton Hospital.

Weekly outpatient clinics and Kidney Disease Program dialysis rounds complement inpatient rounding.

Our clinical rotations and clinics include substantial transplant experience; treatment of acute and chronic kidney disease; management of chronic dialysis including Incenter Hemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis and Home Hemodialysis, apheresis, hypertension; Interventional Nephrology and renal replacement therapy.

A faculty member is always on call to support fellows in patient care.

Weekly didactic lectures and conferences supplement the clinical knowledge gained in the wards.

Fellowship Block Schedule

Rotation1st year2nd year3rd year (optional)
Transplantation (core)2 months1-2 months12 months
Outpatient Hemodialysis (core)2 months2 months12 months
Inpatient Private (core)2 months1-2 months12 months
Inpatient Public (core)2 months1-2 months12 months
Interventional (core)1 monthvariable
Pathology (core)1 monthvariable
Research (core)1 monthvariable12 months
ICU Nephrology (elective)1 monthvariable
Geriatric Nephrology (elective)1 monthvariable
Pediatric Nephrology (elective)1 monthvariable
Ambulatory Nephrology (elective)1 monthvariable
Glomerular Disease (elective)1 monthvariable12 months
Intensive Dialysis (elective)1 monthvariable12 months
Interventional (elective)1 monthvariable12 months