Interventional Nephrology Program

The University of Louisville Kidney Disease Program has successfully been performing Hemodialysis Access procedures since 2004.

Initiated by Dr. Amy Dwyer, the program has evolved into one of the premier dialysis access referral centers in the region that now resides in its own center at the University Of Louisville.  It is also one of the four university affiliated ASDIN accredited centers in the country.

Services provided here include:

  • Tunneled dialysis catheter placements/over-the-wire exchanges/removals
  • Angiograms (“fistulograms”) of arteriovenous fistulae (AVF’s) and arteriovenous grafts (AVG’s)
  • Percutaneous angioplasty of AVF’s/AVG's
  • Thrombectomies
  • Stent placement for refractory stenosis
  • Percutaneous coil placement to occlude accessory veins
  • Native and Transplant Kidney ultrasound
  • Native and Transplant Kidney percutaneous needle biopsy

The mission of the Interventional Nephrology Program at UofL is to provide prompt, high-quality care in the diagnosis and management of problems associated with hemodialysis vascular access using a trident of strong clinical expertise in service, active clinical research, and education to patients, their families and to other practitioners including Nephrology Fellows. The center and both the Interventional Nephrologists on staff, Dr Amy Dwyer has been accredited by the American Society of Diagnostic and Interventional Nephrology.

One long-term goal is to develop a fellowship program for Interventional Nephrology here at UofL and ultimately propel the reputation of the center from regional to national recognition. It is a very exciting time for Interventional Nephrology here at UofL and we shall only continue to grow in this very dynamic field.