Outpatient Experience

We recognize the importance of excellent training in the outpatient setting.

Front of HCOCResident schedules are in an "X+Y" format, allowing for concentrated experience in our outpatient practice, known as the AIM Clinic.

Elements of the program include:

AIM Clinic Block

  • Two week AIM Block every 6 weeks.
  • AIM Block consists of the following:
    • Resident continuity clinic: The residents' very own medical practice!
    • VA subspecialty clinics: Rotate through diverse subspecialty outpatient experiences, including medical and surgical subspecialties.
    • NEW! Longitudinal subspecialty clinic experience: Work side by side with the same UofL attending in the field you are pursuing over your three years of residency. This experiences allows you to build relationships within your chosen department and develop a deeper understanding of outpatient medicine.
    • Quality Improvement Curriculum: Helps improve care for your patient panel.
    • Administrative time: Time allotted to catch up on tasks, prescriptions, results & patient calls.
  • NO clinics are scheduled during any other rotations (elective, ICU, cardiology, night float, wards).
  • High-yield pre-clinic conference offered weekly to the entire program via Zoom.
  • Interprofessional environment with pharmacists and social workers embedded in clinic.
  • A focus on preventive care, including an in-office retinal eye camera for diabetic eye exams.
  • Resident advisory committee collaborates with clinic administration.

Outpatient Private Practice Rotation

  • Work for a month with a private practice internist in Louisville or in an underserved area of Kentucky