UofL Health - UofL Hospital

UofL Health - UofL Hospital has been a presence in the Louisville area for nearly 200 years.

The current facility was built in 1979, has 404 beds and has undergone several major renovations and expansions.

Affiliated with the University of Louisville School of Medicine, UofL Health Care is staffed with more than 500 physicians.

UofL Health - UofL Hospital is the region's preeminent medical teaching and research hospital, and plays a key role in ensuring the quality of health care in the community.

UofL Health - UofL Hospital as also developed a robot system for providing specialty health care to rural health partners.

It is the only Level 1 Trauma Center in this region and our residents spend nearly half of their residency training assigned to UofL.

The University of Louisville is our major sponsoring institution.

Robley Rex Veterans Affairs Medical Center

The Robley Rex Veteran's Affairs Medical Center is located five minutes from UofL Hospital and has 103 acute care beds.

Our hospital services the veterans from a wide area including Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

Aiding in its mission to serve our veterans, patient medical records at all VA facilities are linked by a centralized computer system allowing seamless delivery of primary and specialized care to any veteran regardless of which VA facility they receive care.

Recent successes include a comprehensive colon cancer screening program with approximately 80% of our veterans receiving the scans.

Our residents typically spend about twelve months of their training assigned to the VA over a three-year period.

UofL Health - Jewish Hospital

UofL Health - Jewish Hospital is a 442 bed regional hospital who has been serving the Louisville community for the past 100 years.

It is located one block from the University of Louisville Hospital and is nationally recognized for its heart care program.

In addition, all transplants aside from bone marrow are performed at UofL Hospital - Jewish Campus.

UofL Health - Jewish Hospital has been ranked by U.S. News & World Report as being the best in three areas: cardiology, neurosurgery and respiratory disorders - all areas which complement UofL's Programs of Distinction.

Our residents spend two months assigned to UofL Health - Jewish Hospital during their intern year. One of those months is spent on the GI service and the other on the Nephrology service.

Both are considered outstanding rotations by our residents and are supervised by full-time faculty who have been recognized as wonderful teachers.

Norton Hospital

Norton Hospital is located one block from the University of Louisville Hospital and has been a community resource for many years.

It has a total of 510 beds and its special strengths lie in its neurosurgical program as well as oncology.

Our categorical interns rotated for two weeks on a hematology/oncology service and two weeks on an inpatient geriatrics service.

Both of these rotations are supervised by full-time faculty at the University of Louisville.

Our preliminary interns have the opportunity to have experiences in general internal medicine and nephrology at Norton Hospital downtown.