UofL, GI division well represented at DDW 2016

University of Louisville faculty, fellows and residents part of several talks and presentations.
UofL, GI division well represented at DDW 2016

Dr. Thomas Abell and the University of Louisville GI fellows at the 2016 Digestive Disease Week conference in San Diego.

The University of Louisville Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition made a far-reaching impact at the 2016 Digestive Disease Week conference, held May 22-24, 2016 in San Diego.

The Gastroparesis group presented a total of nine posters and two talks, while the Liver group will give seven posters and two talks.

Also, the UofL Gastroparesis group presented the posters and seven talks at the International Gastrointestinal Electrophysiology Society (IGES) satellite meeting, also in San Diego in conjunction with the DDW2016 event.

The talks presented by the UofL group and its associates include:


Gastroparesis Group

  • Dr. Henry Parkman - "Early Satiety and Postprandial Fullness in Gastroparesis. Characteristics using the GpR2 Database"
  • Dr. Pankaj Pasricha - "Clinical Outcomes and Neuropathological Features of Patient with Chronic Nausea and Vomiting are Similar in patients with or Without Delayed Gastric Emptying"

Liver Group

  • Dr. Irina Kirpich - "Dietary fat rich in linoleic acid exacerbates EtOH-induced inflammasome activation and liver injury in mouse models of alcoholic liver disease"
  • Dr. Craig McClain - "Not Written in Stone: Modifying Hepatic Fibrosis"


IGES Symposium Talks

  • Dr. Patrick McKenzie - "The Effect of Gastrointestinal Electrical Stimulation in Patients with The Symptoms of Gastroparesis Combined With Pancreato-Biliary Disorders"
  • Dr. Andy Patel - "Autonomic And Enteric Responses to Temporary Gastric Electrical Stimulation"
  • Dr. Ammar Hassan "Clinical Outcome of Diabetic Versus Idiopathic Gastroparesis Undergoing Gastric Electrical Stimulation"
  • Dr. Nikhil Kadle - "Energy of Gastric Electrical Stimulation Interacts with Cajal, Mast and S100 Cells to Predict GI Symptom Outcome"
  • Dr. Shifat Ahmed - "Comparison of Neurohormonal Changes with Gastroparesis in Response to Temporary Gastric Electrical Stimulation"
  • Dr. Shifat Ahmed - "Is the Electrogastrogram a Clinically Useful Tool?"
  • Dr. Imad Jaafar - "Medium and Long Term Outcome of Symptoms using Gastric Electrical Stimulation with Temporary GES as a Screening Tool"



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