Fellows/Residents Quality Improvement Projects

Updated January 19, 2021

Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) Scholarship requirement:

Medicine is both an art and a science. The physician is a humanistic scientist who cares for patients. This requires the ability to think critically, evaluate the literature, appropriately assimilate new knowledge, and practice lifelong learning. The program and faculty must create an environment that fosters the acquisition of such skills through fellow participation in scholarly activities as defined in the subspecialty-specific Program Requirements. Scholarly activities may include discovery, integration, application, and teaching.

The ACGME recognizes the diversity of fellowships and anticipates that programs prepare physicians for a variety of roles, including clinicians, scientists, and educators.

It is expected that the program’s scholarship will reflect its mission(s) and aims, and the needs of the community it serves.  For example, some programs may concentrate their scholarly activity on quality improvement, population health, and/or teaching, while other programs might choose to utilize more classic forms of biomedical research as the focus for scholarship.

QI TitleProgressFellow(s)Resident(s)PIComments
Acute pancreatitis power planIRB obtained; Power plan implementationRiosBuschParajuli, OmerPower plan needs to be used. Educating IM and ER resident. IM chief can help.
IBD VTEIRB approvedKhanHeckroth, Eiswerth, Bosch, DadlaniDryden/WuerthPending implementation
IBD immunizationIRB approvedNguyen, McGrathElmasryDryden/WuerthDP to send info to Wuerth / Vincent  / McGrath.
Iron infusion in GIBIRB approvedClossonFlahertyParajuli, Krueger, Wuerth, EddsAdded Flaherty. Wuerth can help with IT. Edds will take the lead.
Pancreatic insufficiencyImplementedDanielSani, Eiswerth, DadlaniOmerPost implementation data
Colon prep appElmasryWuerthOFF for now
HCV screening in AIM clinicCompletedShineEiswerth, BoschAccepted at ACG. Can be expanded to HCV clinic (funding). Needs more residents and fellows.
PVT management protocolProtocol completedCondon, Rios, EisaDadlani, GerlachParajuli, JophlinPVT Protocol
Colon polyps best practice, recurrence and complicationsPending IRB submissionClosson, EisaDadlani, GerlachParajuli, Omer
Ergonomic intervention for GI fellows/attendings (Survey)Shine, EisaParajuli, OmerSurvey to endoscopists including fellows and see what % are reporting endoscopy related injuries. Then work with PM&R at our hospital to see if they can suggest some exercises/ interventions. Survey via KSGE, KBML, graduate sites (different states), explore red cap.
Incidentally Diagnosed Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Root Cause Analysis And CharacteristicsCompletedEisa, SafadiGalaPresented at ACG
Curriculum improvementParajuli



  1. HCC and Variceal screening compliance
  2. BS
  3. Improving reports of endoscopic procedures at ULH to improve billing (Krueger, Wuerth)