The Glide Year

What is a glide year?

A glide year is when a student completes the program and instead of going right into medical school that summer, the student takes a year before actually starting medical school.  Assured Admissions allows you to eliminate the glide year, however, there are some students who prefer to complete the program and then apply to medical school in the summer (e.g., complete the program in May 2022 and apply for the entering 2023 class).  The application cycle takes about a year from the time the application is submitted to the time you are either accepted, denied or wait listed.

Some students use the glide year to work; take some additional classes; continue volunteering, shadowing or use the time to travel and do some things they've always wanted to do. Make the most of your glide year because once you begin medical school, your time will be dedicated to finishing in four years.