About Us


The mission of the University of Louisville Continuing Medical Education and Professional Development program (CME & PD) is to address the educational needs of physicians and other healthcare team members as they seek self-improvement through life-long learning.  Accredited CME, developed and implemented by the University of Louisville, is rooted in evidence-based medicine and seeks to enhance patient care.  Expected results of the University of Louisville CME program are to improve the professional competence of physicians and other healthcare team members which ultimately improves performance and improved medical outcomes in patient care.

Approved by the CME & PD Advisory Board, 5/30/2017

CME & PD PURPOSEPrevention/Wellness

A cornerstone educational purpose of the University of Louisville School of Medicine is to "provide high quality continuing medical education in an environment of lifelong learning."  Further, the School of Medicine has a "mandated statewide mission to meet the educational, research, and patient care needs of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and an urban mission to meet the needs of Louisville..."*   CME & PD, in collaboration with our medical community which includes UofL Physicians, the School of Medicine clinical and biomedical science departments, the UofL Hospital, KentuckyOne Health, the Robley Rex Veteran's Administration Hospital, Ireland Community Army Hospital, the Area Health Education Centers of Kentucky, and our joint-provider partners, seeks to identify and address professional clinical practice gaps and life-long educational needs.  CME & PD offers consultation for the design, delivery, and evaluation of CME programming, and will accredit and document those continuing medical education activities in support of physician life-long learning requirements.  Further, CME & PD will provide services as a joint-provider for national and international entities that pursue similar goals of meeting physician CME learning opportunities.

* Statement from the UofL School of Medicine LCME database document, 2012-13, referring to the School of Medicine educational objectives.

Content Areas

Topics will be selected in terms of identified needs, interests and changes in technology. Activities will be multidisciplinary in nature and delivered in a manner appropriate to the topic. Only continuing education activities that assist physicians and other healthcare professionals in performing their professional responsibilities effectively and efficiently will be offered by CME&PD.

Target Audience

The primary target audience is practicing include physicians, however, nurses, healthcare professionals in other disciplines and the general public (when deemed appropriate) may also participate. These Continuing Medical Education and Professional Development activities will be offered to regional, state, national and international audiences.


Activities will include, but will not be limited to, symposia, lectures, hands-on workshops, regularly scheduled series (grand rounds), telemedicine, and use of web-based/online activities. Activities and services will be based upon the identification of professional practice gaps and the expressed needs of healthcare professionals and the observed needs as determined by clinical or basic science research.

Expected Results

Changes in professional performance, competence and/or patient outcomes will be anticipated as a result of effectively planned educational interventions and will be used to meet quality improvement targets. Determination of changes will be conducted through a number of strategies including random sampling of responses gathered from activity evaluations, post activity outcomes follow-up, overall program evaluation and course director evaluations.

Key Services Provided by CME & PD

  • Accredit learning activities for physicians and nurses that meet Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) Essentials & Standards and the Kentucky Board of Nursing requirements.
  • Track credit for physicians who attend CME&PD certified activities.
  • Download physician credits to the Greater Louisville Medical Society, which serves as a central repository for Category 1 credit.
  • Provide consultation on educational processes and accreditation issues.
  • Collaborate with isolated communities in Kentucky through Area Health Education Centers (AHEC).