FY24 Funding Opportunity Announcements

1)  Bridge Grants: Up to $20,000 for 1 year to cover the costs of addressing reviewer concerns raised in previously scored but unfunded cancer-focused federal grants.

2)  Cancer Care and Control Grants: Up to $20,000 for one year to study population and cancer patient outcome-related questions. 

3)  Leukemia/Lymphoma Grants: To support new leukemia or lymphoma-focused research. Must have leukemia/lymphoma-specific rationale and justification. Up to $25,000 for one year.

4)  Kosair Pediatric Cancer Grants: To support pediatric cancer research (must have pediatric cancer-specific rationale and justification). Up to $25,000/year.

5)  Core Voucher Grants: Single Core Voucher --- up to $3,000/core. Drug Discovery Pipeline Voucher --- up to $15,000 to subsidize single target drug screens (computational screen; protein expression; NMR and/or Cryo-EM structure; biophysical core ligand/receptor screening; Med-Chem support).