Submit Letters of Recommendation

The University of Louisville School of Medicine requires letters of evaluation as part of a complete application. Letter requirements can be fulfilled in one of the following ways:

  • Committee letter or letter packet.  If your college/university has a committee letter process or compiles letter packets through an advisor, this packet fulfills the requirement in full.
  • Individual letters. If no committee letter process exists for your primary institution, an applicant must provide three (3) individual letters including:
  1. One letter from a faculty member who taught the applicant in an area of biology, chemistry, physics, or mathematics (BCPM). See AMCAS Course Classification Guide for more information.
  2. One letter from a faculty member in a major course or other course of the applicant’s choosing (second academic letter).
  3. One professional letter, which may include a faculty member, research or other supervisor, or physician whom you shadowed
  • Candidates may submit two additional letters, ideally, from sources that speak to the candidate’s suitability for medicine.
  • Applicant’s who have not been continuously enrolled for more than three (3) years may substitute one academic letter for a second professional letter if desired, but must have at least one faculty reference. If you have been enrolled in a post baccalaureate or graduate program for one year at the time of application, one of your letters should come from a faculty member at your current institution.
  • Letters must be on letterhead, signed by the author, and submitted via the AMCAS letter service. More information on letter submission may be found at the AMCAS Letter Service webpage.
  • Letters of recommendation must be submitted in order for your secondary application to be considered complete and under further consideration for interview invitation.