Nonacademic Factors

The Admissions Committee conducts holistic application review, evaluating both academic and nonacademic application elements. The AAMC Core Competencies for Entering Medical Students provides additional information for pre-medical student self reflection and assessment. While there are no minimum requirements to be met in order to be considered for admission, applicants should consider the following potential areas in demonstrating their interest in and preparation for medical education and training.


Information on these areas may be included in the AMCAS Experiences section, as well as addressed in one's personal statement and letters of recommendation.

Shadowing and Medical Related Experiences

It is essential for pre-medical students to have an understanding of medical settings and experience the interaction of physicians and patients.

Service and Volunteerism

Demonstration of a concern for others as evidenced by a sustained commitment to one's community through volunteer or service activities.

Leadership, Extracurricular Involvement, and Work Experience

Provides the opportunity to demonstrate the areas important to an individual applicant, while developing life skills important for the transition to medical school.


Provides the opportunity to better understand scientific investigation and discovery, especially important for those students interested in participating in research while in medical school.

Personal Attributes

Attributes important to becoming a well-rounded physician are assessed through completion of the AMCAS application, secondary application, and during the interview, if invited. These may include and are not limited to characteristics of honesty and integrity, the ability to communicate effectively, a sincere call to medicine, and an individual's contribution to a diverse medical class.

Potential to Meet Medical Need

The UofL School of Medicine seeks to meet the medical needs of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and underserved populations, particularly through primary care serving rural populations and racial and ethnic minorities. 


Consistent with the mission of the University of Louisville as a public institution of the state of Kentucky, in-state residents comprise the majority of the matriculants each year. Applications from out of state residents are accepted and those with significant academic, personal or family ties to the commonwealth of Kentucky are given preference. Find more information about the ULSOM residency policy here.