West Point Student Conference on U.S. Affairs

Since 2001, the McConnell Center has partnered with West Point Academy to send McConnell Scholars to an annual Student Conference on U.S. Affairs (SCUSA). SCUSA delegates attend panel discussions with national leaders on economic development, technology, global security, political radicalism, ethno-religious conflicts and democratization.

Delegates offer policy recommendations for the current U.S. administration, and the top policy recommendation memo produced from the conference is published in a top undergraduate academic journal.

Past Attendees:

  • 2021: Mallory Slucher
  • 2019: Isabella Martin, Bella Beilman
  • 2018: Claire Gothard, Laura Hinkle
  • 2017: Eric Bush, Celia Cusick
  • 2016: Christian Bush, Frank Bencomo
  • 2015: Jeremy Ball, Chloe Zoeller
  • 2014: Joel Ben Thomas, Benjamin Whitlock
  • 2007: Justin Tooley
  • 2006: GlyptusAnn Grider, Brittany Todd
  • 2005: Bill Brammell, Greg Virgin
  • 2004: Casey Rickard
  • 2002: John Daniel
  • 2001: Shae Bryant