Dual Degrees

Consistent with Justice Brandeis' interdisciplinary approach to law, Brandeis Law students may take advantage of several partnerships with other University of Louisville departments to earn their JD and a Master's degree at the same time. These "dual degree" pathways allow students to complete both degrees in less time than they would take to complete separately.

Interested students must be admitted independently to both schools and must be approved for participation in the dual degree pathway by both schools. Be aware that separate admissions tests may be required and separate admissions criteria applied. Generally, a student must apply to the dual degree partner program prior to completing 45 hours of JD coursework. The student will be awarded both degrees simultaneously, once all graduation requirements for both degrees have been met.

During their first year in the JD program, a student may not take any coursework outside of the first-year JD curriculum. Any credit hours completed prior to a student's matriculation in the JD program cannot count toward their JD requirements. A student can earn no more than 9 credit hours of approved coursework from a dual degree partner program. The number of credit hours of JD coursework accepted toward the Master's degree varies by program.

Students pursuing a dual degree pathway should work closely with academic advisors from both schools to develop a schedule for their overall course of study. Some courses may be sequenced or have prerequisites, and there may be limits on the number of credit hours a student may take in a given term. To complete both degrees in the intended time frame, students may need to take summer classes. It is the student's responsibility to monitor and update their course of study as needed.

For more information about the JD program, please contact the Office of Admissions. For specific information about the dual degree partner programs or their requirements, please contact the partner departments directly.