Welcome Back, CJ!

Welcome to the fall semester CJ students! We hope you are refreshed and ready to start classes!

A few things to note: 

1) Classes begin Monday, August 19th. Registration and changes to your schedule can be made through Friday, August 23rd at 5pm. If you still need advising and you are an on-campus student we will be seeing walk-ins beginning Monday, August 19th. If you are an online student please email mailcj@louisville.edu or call 502-852-6567. 

2) Our CJ student organizations, LAE and APS, will be in front of Brigman the first two days of classes and will hold their meet and greet on Wednesday, August 28th in Brigman Hall room 100A. Food will be served. If you are not a member, but are interested in joining please come to the meeting. Deadline to apply for LAE or APS is September 30th. 

3) CJ career information is now available to you. We have set up a display in our quiet study area upstairs in Brigman (down the hallway from the stairs by the elevator). Please feel free to visit it from time to time to see what agencies may have to offer. 

4) If you plan to graduate in December, be certain you apply for your degree beginning August 23rd through September 28th. You can find the Degree Application link on Ulink under the Registration heading. 

Good luck with the fall semester!
~CJ Student Services