Join Lambda Alpha Epsilon - Deadline to Apply is September 30th (Fall 2020)

Hello and welcome to the Department of Criminal Justice! 

My name is Laura Fortin and I am the president of Lambda Alpha Epsilon (LAE). While it may sound like it, it’s not a fraternity or a sorority. It’s a national criminal justice organization recognized throughout the states. Here in the CJ department, we have a LAE club membership available for all students. If you’re looking to get involved and get to know people, this is the way to do it. When I first came to this department, I knew nothing and nobody. I just knew I wanted to be involved in something. I joined the club and have since interacted with nearly all faculty, staff, and students in the entire department. I have moved up in rank and have made more networking connections useful to my future than I believe I could have without the club.

Our organization tries its best to get students involved in what they want to do and help them build a network that will assist them in becoming successful in the future. Normally, in non-covid times, we would have tons of interactive activities, career fairs and meetings. Of course, this year we are a little tied down. However, we will still be having monthly or more meetings virtually to interact with employees of different agencies that you may be interested in. We call these lunches and learns, where we invite someone from the FBI or LMPD,  juvenile justice services, corrections, law programs and so on (anyone you may want, we can probably contact!) to get in contact with students for questions, comments and career opportunities! Knowing these people and the information they bring will be your strongest asset in your career path.  It also helps fill a resume.

This year consider the officers of LAE at your service. We are here to help you and your future! If you are interested, join us for one of our virtual meetings, or contact me via email. for more information. For additional information: LAE INFO HANDOUT.docx LAE APPLICATION.pdf 

Thank you, and I hope to see you all soon.

Laura Fortin, LAE President