2024 Criminal Justice Award Recipients


The Kenneth J. Marshall Award nominations are solicited from the master’s candidates graduating with a 3.5 or higher grade point average who have made significant contributions either through scholarly activity, service or both to the field of criminal justice.

The 2024 Kenneth J. Marshall Award nominees were:

                Donna Cook

                Brittany Cundiff

                Ethan Goldcamp

                Donald Green

                Jenna Quinn 

The 2024 Kenneth J. Marshall Award in Criminal Justice has been awarded to:

The Kenneth R. Nally Award nominations are solicited from the top 10% of this year’s BS CJ graduating class for outstanding service to the university and the community.

The 2024 Kenneth R. Nally Award nominees were:

Lillian Rolfsen
Peyton Webster

The 2024 Kenneth R. Nally Award in Criminal Justice has been awarded to: