Setting Your Preferred Identification Options

Legal Name, Preferred Name, Preferred Email Address, Preferred Pronouns, Preferred Gender Identity

When starting out at UofL, most individuals, will see their legal name and gender identity used within administrative forms, online accounts and communications as the standard default due to the complexity of our information systems. However, at UofL, anyone can utilize a preferred or chosen name, set a preferred email address and designate their preferred gender identity and appropriate pronouns. Using someone’s chosen names and pronouns is respectful of others in our UofL community and demonstrates our willingness to be inclusive.

Please use the searchable index below for how-to set your identification options in most all our systems. If you are having difficulty or have questions, please contact us.

UofL Students arranged in a large U shape, each raising the L

How to change your Email, Preferred & Legal Name, Pronouns and Gender Identity within our systems:

  • Changes may take up to 24-48 hours depending on system(s).
  • For assistance, contact the ITS HelpDesk