Summer 2023 Cancellation Policy

Summer 2023 Applicants

Please note that applicants who complete the Summer 2023 Housing Application but later decide that they would not like to participate in room selection should cancel their license agreement immediately. Any student who signs a license agreement as part of the Housing Application will receive a room assignment, regardless of whether they participate in room selection. Once an assignment has been made, that student will have five full business days in which to cancel without incurring a Summer 23 application cancellation fee.

Any applicant for summer housing who cancels their license agreement more than five business days after being notified (to the email account which they specified as their university email on their profile in the Housing Portal) of their room assignment is responsible for paying the cancellation fee, which is equal to the cost of their summer room assignment.

Cancellation Fee Appeal Request

If you feel that you are exempt from the terms of this policy due to one of the following reasons, please submit the Cancellation Fee Appeal Request along with supportive documentation. This request is available in the Housing Portal:

A. You have transferred to another university, graduated, or withdrawn from the University of Louisville due to deployment for an armed service. If you have transferred to another university, please be aware that any fees will remain on your account until after the drop/add period of the following academic semester to verify that you are no longer registered for classes.

B. You are participating in an educational program that requires out-of-town residency (more than 40 miles away) for part of the academic year. This may include (but is not limited to) medical rotations, an exchange program, study abroad, and co-op. In these cases, you must provide a letter on official letterhead from the educational program in which you have enrolled. This letter should verify your participation start and end dates as well as the fact that your participation would require you to live more than 40 miles away (please ensure that the location itself is also specified).


Please note that cancellation charges should be paid quickly. Students whose accounts are not paid by the established deadlines may be subject to financial penalties. Students with unpaid account balances will be placed on Financial Hold by the Bursar's Office. Students placed on Financial Hold become ineligible for further registration and transcripts will not be released until the student account is paid in full. A late payment fee of $50.00 may be assessed when student accounts are not paid by the last day to drop/add for the semester. 

A return payment fee of $25.00 may be assessed when payment is not honored by the bank on which it was drawn. If restitution is not made within 10 days of notification, the student may be subject to financial penalties and/or legal action.

Debtors who do not make satisfactory payment arrangements on their past due accounts may have their accounts placed with a billing service. If not paid through the billing service, the unpaid account may be forwarded to a collection agency. It is the policy of the University that unpaid accounts will be assessed the costs and expenses of collection, including attorney fees.

Send all payments to: 

University of Louisville Bursar’s Office
2211 S. Brook St. 
Louisville, KY 40292