Parking Information

Group Leaders and Conference Coordinators are required to order, pay, and pick up parking passes from the Parking Department in advance.

In the event that conference guests are ticketed, it is their personal responsibility to coordinate with parking the charges and payment.

Point of Contact: Laura Lutts
Phone Number: 502.852.7803
Fax: 502.852.6680
Located at: 2126 South Floyd Street, Suite 100

Hours of Operation: 
7:30 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday-Friday

Parking Costs are the Following: 

  • Daily
    • Car: $6.00
    • Van/Bus: $10.00
  • Weekly (per 7 days)
    • All Vehicles: $24.00
  • Full Summer
    • All Vehicles: $67.00
Parking costs are subject to change.

Anyone holding a conference should think about the following parking needs:

  • Any staff or guests that are staying on campus during the day or throughout the evening will need parking passes.
  • Parents/Guardians dropping off or picking up students or other guests for conferences or camps will be affected by parking.
  • Large transportation such as buses, etc. transiting for even short periods of time will need permission through parking.
  • Those who do not fit into the previous categories

As a conference coordinator, it is your responsibility to coordinate your parking in advance through the parking special events point of contact, Laura Lutts

Further information about parking can be found at