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The White Squirrel is a student-run literary and arts magazine at the University of Louisville publishing poetry, short-fiction, non-fiction, and visual art. Established in 2008, we aim to create a welcoming community of readers and writers alike in order to foster and celebrate the creativity imagined on and around campus. Each semester, we host two open mic events and publish an edition of the magazine each fall.


2015 Submissions

Spring Deadline: March 31

Submission Guidelines


    Pick up your own copy!

    The latest edition, Vol. XI Fall 2014 is currently on sale for $5 at the Etscorn Honors Center and Carmichael’s Bookstores.

    This issue features: Art by Jeremy Burch, Luke Parker, Jackson Taylor, Peter Sherman, Taylor Beiser, Griffin DiMaio, Luke Seward and Alison Underwood, Poetry by Fiona Grant, Lauren Whitcomb, Lauren Oliver, Carroll Grossman, Madeleine Loney and Destiny Nowlin, and Prose by Hayley Stevenson, Nathan Douglas and Jared Colston.

    Away from campus? You can purchase an online PDF of the magazine for a discounted price here!

    Spring 2015 Editors-in-Chief.

    Left: Addie Wilson, Hanna DeMarcus, Tessa Withorn, and Hannah Rego



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