Honors Conferences

Each year the University Honors Program sponsors student research opportunities through local, regional, and national Honors conferences.  Honors students are encouraged to submit research proposals to these three conferences, and travel and accommodation are typically covered by the Honors Program. Honors conferences provide students the opportunity to present their research, share ideas, hone their oral communication skills, and make connections with faculty, administrators, and other students from around the country.

It is important to remember that research presentations range from data-rich projects to those reporting on Honors-related activities such as our International Seminar trips. Too often students pass on the Honors conferences because it is hard to recognize their own work as conference material. Another misconception about conferences is that the papers are heavy and the presentations large. Not so. Presentations are given in small venues with small groups of interested and friendly listeners.

Kentucky Honors Roundtable (KHR)

Kentucky Honors Roundtable is an organization composed of the Honors colleges and programs from the public universities across the state of Kentucky. KHR holds a conference each fall and spring semester, with the member schools alternating as hosts. At the Roundtables, students have the opportunity to network with their peers and share research in a non-intimidating environment.  In the past, Honors students have presented on both Honors program and non-Honors program-related research in a variety of subject areas. Deadlines and information about KHR proposals are announced each semester in the Honors Newsletter, The Current.

The call for proposals for Spring 2024 KHR is closed.  Please check back in August for more info about KHR in Fall 2024!

Southern Regional Honors Council (SRHC)

Southern Regional Honors Council is made up of honors programs from institutions across the Southeast, holds a conference annually. The conference affords students the opportunity to combine attention to their chosen discipline with honors experiences. Additionally, students are able to make valuable regional connections. Learn more about the next SRHC conference »

The call for proposals for Spring 2024 SRHC is closed.  Please check back in December 2024 for future opportunities!

National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC)

The National Collegiate Honors Council is the professional association of undergraduate honors programs and colleges. NCHC seeks to promote academic opportunity and challenge for honors students and faculty and to provide occasions for enhanced personal, social, and intellectual development. As such, NCHCs annual fall conference is a chance for honors students to teach, learn from, and connect with honors students and professionals from around the United States. Learn more about NCHC »