Senior Honors Theses

Students who wish to improve their standing in their classes in the College of Arts and Sciences may do so by initiating, and completing, a Senior Honors Thesis. Coordinated by the University Honors Program, on this page we provide helpful information with which you become familiar as you embark on this rewarding endeavor.


Who is Eligible?

If you are thinking about undertaking a Senior Honors Thesis in the College of Arts & Sciences, or if you hope to graduate from the College summa cum laude ("with highest honors"), you should pay careful attention to the information provided on this page to learn more about minimum qualifications for proposing a Senior Honors Thesis.

Why Pursue a Senior Honors Thesis?

Although successful completion of a Senior Honors Thesis is required of anyone who wishes to graduate summa cum laude ("with highest honors") from the College of Arts & Sciences, there are multiple benefits that one could realize from pursuing an independent undergraduate research project.

What is the Process for Completing a Senior Honors Thesis?

If you have already determined that you meet the minimum qualifications to submit a Senior Honors Thesis proposal, the information provided on this page will help you to develop a plan of action to initiate the process and meet the necessary expectations and deadlines.

Departmental Thesis Contacts

If you have determined that you meet the minimum qualifications to submit a Senior Honors Thesis proposal, this page provides you with the current departmental honors contacts who can help explain departmental expectations, processes, and guide you toward an appropriate supervising faculty mentor for your project.

Senior Honors Thesis Committee

The Senior Honors Thesis Committee is composed of nine faculty members representing the three major divisions of the College of Arts & Sciences: Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences. The members of this faculty committee oversee the Senior Honors Thesis process for the College, review Senior Honors Thesis proposals, and represent the Senior Honors Thesis Committee on each thesis writer's oral defense committee.

Important Dates and Deadlines


This page includes information regarding support services and resources available to you as you plan and pursue your Senior Honors Thesis research and write the final product.

Printable Forms

Useful forms you will need as your begin your Senior Honors Thesis.

Guidelines for Thesis Supervisors

The information on this page provides helpful tips and advice for faculty who agree to become a supervising faculty member for a Senior Honors Thesis.


Archived Senior Honors Theses

This provides a link to the Archives and Special Collections online archive of Senior Honors Theses.