Created in 1982, the Honors Program is housed in the College of Arts and Sciences but serves nearly 1,200 students from all academic units across the university. Each semester, more than 750 students enroll in a variety of Honors courses and seminars, and more than 400 new students choose to participate in the Honors Program each year. As the number of Honors students continues to increase, the program itself, as well as the facilities that house it, has expanded and developed. 

The Honors Program is currently based in two facilities: the Etscorn Honors Center and the Honors House. Formerly located on the ground floor of Threlkeld Hall, the Etscorn Honors Center, now in Strickler Hall, is home to the administrative offices of the Honors Program and includes a high-tech classroom, advising offices, and a study area. The Honors House, a renovated 130-year old townhouse typical of Victorian Louisville, is the oldest building on campus. It houses a classroom, library, and the office of National & International Scholarship Programs. The Honors House also includes an informal lounge area where students can study, play games, eat lunch, or just relax.

Both the Etscorn Honors Center and the Honors House are conveniently clustered at the center of campus, situated close to commuter parking, residence halls, the Student Activity Center, and many classroom buildings. These two locations are the sites for many presentations, receptions, and social events open to Honors students throughout the year.