Black and Brown Honors Society

A webpage used to host information about the registered student organization, the Black and Brown Honors Society.

Group photo of Black and Brown Honors Society executive board

About Us

Started in 2019 the Black and Brown Honors Society (BBHS) is dedicated to uplifting students of color, fostering relationships between students and faculty of color, and building community on and off campus. The BBHS sees itself as an inclusive, safer space for those simultaneously navigating the challenges of academia and systemic racial oppression.

The BBHS values service on campus and in the Louisville community. We have worked with elementary schools doing hands-on activities and helped decrease the impact of food scarcity by doing a donation drive for citizens of the West End community. As Honors students, we feel that it is our duty to give back and help our community.

To Join

To join please apply on the BBHS Engage page at

If you have any questions, please contact President Taylor Griffith at .

2023-2024 Executive Board

President: Taylor Griffith

Vice President: Bryan Lopez

Treasurer: Dammy Jeboda

Secretary: Allison Kinnard

Fundraising/Outreach Chair: Shraddha Patel

Social Media Chair: Brooke Hoffman



Gralie Boamah

Ashtyn Browning

Reine Chenou

Mery Muluberehan

Laci White

Social Media

Juliana Bastien

Jada Wells