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Concur - Anthony Travel

Travel Card

Travel & Expense financial system (T&E): expense reports, expense profiles, etc.


Concur (portal) - Anthony Travel

Q: How do I request a Concur profile for travel (employees only)?
A: Send the following information to

  • Name as listed on your government issued ID
  • ULink login
  • Department name
  • Speed Type
  • TSA Secure Flight Details (gender and date of birth)
  • Work phone (cell phone is not required, but highly recommended)

Q: How can I change a speedtype on a travel reservation in Concur?
A: When booking a reservation, the speedtype can be changed on the ‘Trip Booking Information” page. Select “YES” when asked if you need to change the speedtype and enter new speedtype.

  • If travel has already been ticketed, please contact to update the speedtype prior to posting.
  • Travelers are responsible for maintaining their own Concur Profile. The Concur profile and the Expense profile in our financials system do not sync.

Q: Is Anthony Travel required to book domestic or international travel?
A: While Anthony is not required at this time, our office cannot assist with travel issues if travel is booked outside of Concur-Anthony Travel. It is urged that departments book travel through Anthony Travel as we have a contract with them, they can assist with various things; refunds, exchanges, etc. that might otherwise cause fees or loss of funds. 

Q: The Travel Card will help cut back on the central billing card; will the central billing card go away?
A: No. The central billing is still available to use for air travel via Concur-Anthony Travel.

Q: How do I use my Travel Card with Anthony Travel?
A: When travel card arrives to our travel team, we load the information into Concur's portal, prior to passing out the card.

Q: Are there service fees associated with Anthony Travel?
A: Yes. Click here for Anthony Travel Service Fees.

Q: Will Anthony Travel change their invoices?
A: No.

Q: What is a WEX card?
A WEX card is a virtual card previously used to pay for hotel rooms via Concur.  As of 1/1/2024, there is $75.00 fee when using a WEX card and the reason for a push to get employees/grad students setup with individual travel cards.

Q: Is WEX a payment option?
A: No. WEX/grasp pay is no longer an option due to the increase of a $75.00 fee. The intent is to have all traveler's setup with a travel card prior to travel.

Q: If an employee doesn't have or want a travel card and they cannot use WEX, how do they book a hotel?
A: The intent is for all travelers to have a travel card, even if only for one trip. We advise against using personal credit cards for business related expenses.
Q: Will Anthony Travel fees be added to the card at time of booking or delayed until start of travel?
A: Fees will be charged at time of travel.

Q: Travel was booked, but card not issued yet. Added a hotel but was not allowed to use a different card since the airfare was already paid with the UofL central billing card. What can I do to update it?
A: Please email

Q: Is it true that Anthony Travel is no longer booking hotels at conference rates on our behalf?
A: Correct. With individuals having a travel card, they may book directly through the conference portal to obtain the conference hotel rate. Anthony Travel will no longer call and book the conference hotel rate. 

Travel Card

Q: What is the billing address for the Travel Card?
A: 2215 S. Brook St, Service Complex, 2nd Fl, Rm 212, Louisville, KY 40208

Q: What's the purpose of a travel card?
A: The purpose of a travel card is to allow an employee to charge appropriate items while traveling and to not have any out-of-pocket expenses that require reimbursement back to the employee. See Travel Card website. Personal purchases are strictly forbidden, including personal meals.

Q: Who is eligible for a travel card?
A: Full-time employees and graduate students (including dental, law and medical/resident students) are eligible for a travel card. Individual must have an active Expense Profile in PeopleSoft Financials, complete Blackboard training and return a fully signed application. 

  • The application will have an area to confirm an employee or graduate student, which allows us to have the appropriate card limit.

Q: How do I request a travel card?
A: Prior to requesting a travel card, an Expense Profile must be approved. To request a travel card, please fill out a single card request or form for multiple card requests. These forms are ULink password protected, so you must enter proper credentials before accessing. Can be completed by intended travel cardholder, proxy, liaison, etc.:

Once the request is received, the travel team will send an application and training instructions to individual(s). The application will be pre-populated with the information from the travel and expense profile.

Q: After the Travel Card test is completed in Blackboard, will the forms needed for department approval be sent to the employee?
A: The signed application will need to come back to our office, access to blackboard submitted and all items reviewed. At that time, the travel card will be ordered.

Q: How long does it take to get the Travel Card to the employee?
A: It will take approximately 7-10 business days after everything has been completed. This allows time to order and receive cards from bank.

Q: Is the Travel Card a "physical" card? 
A: Yes. The Travel Card is a physical card, it is NOT a virtual form of payment.  An Expense Profile must be created prior to someone receiving a Travel Card. For eligible Students, the spending limit will be limited on the Travel Card.. 
  • The virtual WEX payment method now charges a $75.00 fee and should be used for emergencies only (hotels).
Q: Does the travel liaison for a department, loan out the departmental card for employee/student travel?
A: No. Individuals will require their own individual travel card, there is not a departmental travel card. To start the travel card process, the liaison can submit a request for travel cards, see above prior answer with travel card request forms.

Q: Do employees (faculty/staff/graduate students) automatically get their own card or must they apply?
A: No. Current process is that each individual must apply and go through the application process; create expense profile (get approved), request travel card, complete application and blackboard testing. 

Q: What is required after travel card after purchases are made?

A: All purchases on the travel card must be submitted on an expense report after travel has occurred and submitted with no errors and approved by department prior to 60 days.

  • An expense report must be submitted by the employee. 
  • Expenses from the travel card must be pulled from the "My Wallet" tab to the expense report. 
  • Charges will be allocated to the speedtype entered on the report.
Q: Where can travel card transactions be viewed?

A: Travel cardholders and their proxies can view transactions by logging into PS Financials and follow the path below:
NavBar (compass in upper right corner) > Menu > Employee Self Service > Travel and Expenses > My Wallet. Enter any Search Criteria under “Find an Existing Value” tab.

Reporting is also available by logging into BI with ULink userID and password. Path/Link to view Travel Card Transactions: Home > FI > Department > Travel_Card_Transactions; requires Empl ID, Dept ID, Begin and End Dates. 

Q: What happens to the travel card if the employee moves departments?
A: The Travel Card will stay with the individual employee but the travel profile will need to have the funding and supervisor updated. An employee would need to submit a new Expense Profile Request to update their travel profile; new supervisor, speedtype, etc.

Q: We have faculty that travel with students.  Can the faculty member use their Travel Card to pay for the student(s) hotel rooms as well?
A: Yes. The faculty member may use their travel card to pay for the students for business related expenses. Please email to have credit increase to cover potential charges. All travelers must have an Expense Report on file in our financials system.

Q: If a travel card is used for a conference registration more than 60 days earlier than the trip to the conference, should an expense report be created just for the registration? If so, what do we use for the “from date” and “through date?”
A: You do not have to submit an expense report just for the registration unless you would like to get it cleared out of the wallet, you can and show the future dates of travel.
  • When the expense report is created for the conference registration and airfare, show the future date, putting a note the items were purchased early (cost savings, etc.).
  • The expense report can also be created when employee has returned from business travel, this is when the 60 days "timer" begins.

Q: Can I setup my travel card with my Apple Pay?
A: No.

Q: What if someone only travels once a year, should they get a travel card?
A: Yes. The purpose of a travel card is to allow an employee to charge appropriate business expenses while traveling and to avoid business out-of-pocket expenses that require reimbursement back to the employee. See Travel Card website. Personal purchases are strictly forbidden on travel card, including personal meals.

Q: Can undergraduate students obtain a travel card?
A: No. At this time, only employees and graduate students are allowed to obtain a travel card. If an undergrad is traveling with someone that has a travel card, they may have that individual employee use their travel card to pay for the allowable business expenses. 

Q: Can we use a Travel Card for registration?
A: Yes. Conference and Hotel registrations are allowed on Travel Cards. With individuals having a travel card, they may book directly through the conference portal to obtain the conference hotel/registration rate. Anthony Travel will no longer call and book the conference hotel rate.

Q: Payments for Uber/Lyft on Travel Card?
A: If utilizing Uber, Lyft or similar transportation, you may use your travel card. If a card is not required to be saved, preference is to NOT save the travel card information. If using app requires a card to be saved, you may save it, but once the trip has concluded, you will need to remove/delete the card data. This avoids accidental use. Travel card should not be used for personal trips, even when on a travel for the University. Transportation should only be reimbursed if specifically business related.

Q: Can a Travel Card be used to make transportation reservations for business related functions?
A: Yes. The travel card can be used for reservations. Please do not save the card data in apps like Uber , Lyft or similar, if at all possible.

Q: Is there a departmental travel card for those that don't travel often, that can “sign-out” a departmental travel card similar to a ProCard?
A: No. There is no option to have a departmental travel card as it has an individual’s name on the card.

Q: Does the person who has the dept travel card have to travel with the other travelers in order to book their hotels?
A: There is not a departmental travel card. Each individual will have to have their own travel card in order to book travel. 

Q: Can a proxy verify the monthly statement?
A: Yes. we can setup a profile for a proxy to receive monthly statements from PNC. Email to setup. Proxy will still need to travel card testing. Then send an email to get added to monthly statements.

Q: Does the person who has the departmental travel card have to travel with the other travelers in order to book their hotels?
A: There is no departmental travel card. If an individual travel cardholder is traveling with the group, they can book the hotel rooms on their travel card. 
Q: Do I need to notify someone if I'm traveling abroad with my Travel Card?
A: Yes. Please email

Travel & Expense system (T&E); Expense Reports, Expense Profiles, etc.

Q: Who requires a PeopleSoft “Travel & Expense” Profile?
A: Any employee or student traveling on behalf of the University of Louisville, anyone that enters on behalf of or approves expense reports, must have an active travel and expense profile. ANYONE that TRAVELS is required to have an Expense Profile. Please note: 

  • Students paid through UofL payroll should be set up as an employee – will get an employee account. 
  • Students not paid by UofL Payroll Dept, should have a student account, indicated with an “S” before the ID. Proxies must create and submit reports on behalf of a student. 

Q: How do I know if I have an Expense Profile, or how do I create one and/or make changes?
A: You will require an account for PS Financials (T&E system), which you can try logging in with ULink credentials (userID and password). If unable to gain access; your departmental UBM, LFO or someone with financials access must make the request, instructions can be found here. Requests will go to department LFO, ITS and the Travel team. Requester will receive notification when completed. Student profile requests should include student’s name and current mailing address.

  • If someone needs the ability to approve at the Supervisor level, that should be added in the note section of the profile request.
  • If security is setup, put in the profile request again.
  • Profiles and travel expense access is not made through the account request process. You are given the security when someone requests the Expense profile. You can see who has a profile in: BI>FI>Department>Financials Access - Expenses.
  • Once you have access to PeopleSoft T&E system, go to: NavBar (compass in upper right corner) > Menu > Employee Self Service > Travel and Expenses > Review/Edit Profile.

Our office can check to see if a profile exists and if the user has the appropriate security. Security drops off anytime there is a change in the employee’s job data (HR) status. We do NOT have access to see if passwords are correct.  If profile exists but no security, a profile modification should be entered. 

Q: I am having trouble finding the travel card test in blackboard, how do I find it?
Prior to requesting a travel card, an Expense Profile must be approved. You will then need to request a Travel Card before you will receive the notification about Blackboard. To request a travel card, please fill out the individual card request or if you need to request multiple cards. These forms are ULink password protected, you must enter proper credentials to view:

Q: How do I see who has a profile and the profile’s current settings (i.e. speedtype, supervisor, proxies)?
A: Login to BI with ULink userID and password. Path/Link to view Financials Access-Expenses; requires Dept ID and Empl ID: BI>FI>Department>Financials Access - Expenses.

Q: What do I do to get reimbursed for business travel?
A: You will need to submit an Expense Report through our financials system. A proxy can create the report but should not submit. 

Please note: Notifications to submit, should NOT be sent from "View" - this is more of a "view only" page.

Q: Do I need receipts?
A: Yes. Best practice is to obtain all receipts for any and all travel expenses, especially cash transactions. ALL business meals are required to have a receipt (should be on travel card), including attendees and reason for business meal.

  • You are required to have receipts for any charges over $30. 
  • Anything under $30 (minus business meals), is not required to have a receipt, but is up to the department if they require a receipt for under $30. If they require a receipt, they would need to inform employee prior to travel.
  • Again, best practice is to keep all receipts.

Q: How do I create a new expense report OR access a pending expense report?
A: Log into PS Financials and following the path below. Enter any Search Criteria under “Find an Existing Value” tab or if a new report; click on “Add a New Value” and enter Empl ID.

NavBar (compass in upper right corner) > Menu > Employee Self Service > Travel and Expenses > Expense Reports > Create/Modify.

Please note: Select the “Find an Existing Value” tab to access a report already started.

Q: How will I receive my reimbursement?
A: Employee reimbursements are sent electronically via EFT. The system will send a remittance email to the employee when payment is set to be transmitted. Students (non-payroll) will receive a check to the address listed in their profile.

Q: How do I view an expense report?
A: Proxies or employees can view a report by logging into PS Financials and following the path: NavBar (compass in upper right corner) > Menu > Employee Self Service > Travel and Expenses > Expense Reports > View. Enter any search Criteria and select Search.

Please note: Notifications to submit, should NOT be sent from "View".

Q: Why am I unable to submit my report?
A: The submit button will be greyed out if the certify box is not checked or errors exist on the report. Click the save button to see errors, they will be highlighted in red or marked with a red flag.

Q: Why can’t I login to the system after receiving a notification to approve a reimbursement?
A: This could be an access or a password issue. Please contact email and we will check if employee has proper access. For password issues please contact Information Technology Services (ITS).

Q: Why am I unable to approve a report?
A: The approve button will be greyed out if the report has not been budget checked or there is a budget error. The system will automatically budget check every 2 hours.

  • If accessing before the system has run the budget check, an approver can run the check manually by clicking the Budget Options link.
  • If a budget error exists, either the speedtype needs to be changed or the budget needs to be corrected.
  • Occasionally, the approve button will be unavailable if the accounting date is not in the current period. The approver should change to the current date and manually run a budget check. Accounting date is located toward the top of the report.

Q: How can I tell why an expense report was denied?
A: A comment is required anytime a report is denied or sent back for edits. The comment can be seen in View or create/modify.

Q: What do we do If adding an expense line from the wallet doesn’t put in the correct expense type or account in the accounting details?
A: If there is an error, please reach out to .

Q: How do I change a speedtype on an expense report?
A: Prior to submission, the creator will open the accounting detail and enter the speedtype in the Speedtype Key field. The tab button should be used to move through the line and the system will update the fund code and department number.

  • Any approver may do the same on each expense line, but a budget check will be required after changing.

Q: Who determines who the Expense Manager?
A: This is determined by the specific Department ID number for each department. If Expense Managers need to be reviewed for the department, please email and include the associated Lead Fiscal Officer for that department. 

Q: Can personal credit cards no longer be used for reimbursement for travel expense?
A: Individuals should have a travel card prior to business travel, a personal credit card would be required for any non-business related expenses when traveling. Travel cards should be utilized for business related expenses, personal card reimbursement will depend on when an expense report is submitted and gone through the proper approvals. 
  • Once approved, it will take approximately one week depending on where our office is with the processing schedule.
Q: Can we allow Uber to the airport in lieu of parking at the airport?
A: Yes. UofL will reimburse one of the following in lieu of parking at airport:
  • Taxi/ride share charges to/from airport/home OR 
  • Mileage to/from if being dropped off by friend/family member OR 
  • Airport parking (not mileage)
Q: If we are booking travel for students who are not receiving reimbursements, are we still required to create an expense profile for them?
A: Yes. Everyone requires a travel profile; proxy, traveler, etc. They would still need a profile if they incurred expenses that the university is paying - hotel charges, airfare, etc.  Those charges may be paid by the university, not reimbursed to the student, but they still need to be charged to the department the student is in.  If we don't have the profile, we can't associate the expenses with the traveler.

Q: How can we make hotel reservations for undergrad students? Currently we have a situation where the ProCard is being allowed.
A: Individual may be required to put down personal card down for any incidentals, which is a normal practice with hotels.

Q: Can a Travel Card be used for hotel check-in when a credit card required for incidentals?  
A: No. The Travel Card should only be used for the room/taxes itself. A personal card should be used for all incidentals, the University is not responsible for personal charges to the room, including misc. room service, personal meals, etc. If allowed, the incidental/room service, would need to be put on an expense report and approved by the department.

Q: Are Graduate Assistants considered "students" in our system and we book them as a guest?
A: No. If they are being paid by the university, we are treating them as employees, and they will need to be setup as an employee in financial system. 

Q: If an Expense Report gets sent back multiple times and is now past the 60 days IRS policy, what are the consequences? 
A: The traveler will be responsible for paying any taxes pertaining to the past due expense report. The employee is responsible for keeping an eye in the financials system to track where their expense report is at with processing. It is OK for the employee to follow up with their supervisor, HR Supervisor, etc. to make sure it gets approved in a timely matter and to resolve outstanding errors.

  • The expense report has to be free of errors and ready to be approved by the Travel team by 60 days.
Q: On My Wallet charges, do the charges need to be changed before adding to an expense report? I.E. - airfare comes in as Air travel without identifying if it is international or domestic.
A: Yes. It should be classified correctly on the expense report. The billing type will denote if it was international or domestic travel.

Q:Is there a report that departments can run that allows us to see the transactions that have been charged to the travel card since the expense hit the prepaid liability account before the expense report is entered?
A: In BI Reports go toFI > Department > Travel_Card_Transactions and enter Department or Empl ID.
Q: Is there a report I can run on who has travel cards in our department or by Employee ID, same as ProCards?
A: In BI Reports go to FI > Procard >Procurement Card Data by Dept or Empl ID and enter the appropriate information, selecting Card Type: Travel.

Q: What do we do if adding an expense line from the "wallet" doesn’t put in the correct expense type or account in the accounting details?
A: Case by case issue, please email


Q: Can an employee or student use a ProCard for a hotel charge?
A: No. Employee/student travel should use a travel card for hotel reservations. If the travel card is being processed/not received yet, you will need to reach out to the ProCard Office for an exception too book travel on ProCard. The intent is to use travel cards for all business-related expenses for employees and eligible students.

Q: Can I use the ProCard to book/pay a guest hotel room?
A: Yes.  Since we are no longer utilizing WEX as a hotel payment option, guests (non-employees) are able to have their room booked/paid for with a University ProCard. Please note, that hotels may require a physical card, so please keep this in mind at time of booking. The department booking the hotel room for guest is responsible for finding out if the online payment with ProCard is acceptable and utilizing a personal card at check-in for any incidentals. Most hotels also require some sort of identification. 

Q: What is the expected timeline to implement updated travel guidelines?
A: We are working on a revised travel policy and guidelines and our goal is to have it available by FY25.

Q: Someone submits the travel authorization request for International travel to the Provost's Office. Does that automatically notify the Travel Office, or do we need to contact you separately?
A: Our office is not automatically notified. You only need to contact our if you need to increase your limit to accommodate the international travel, etc.

Q: Can I do personal travel after business travel?
A: Yes. Documentation is required to show the travel at least 2 weeks prior for cost comparison, showing the most cost efficient for the University from Anthony Travel. Print/Save a PDF of online document and save and continue on booking with actual travel (flight, car, etc.) with the additional personal travel days. 

  • If the addition of personal travel is going to cost more, the traveler should pay out of pocket and only get reimbursed for the business portion.  Comparison is required.

Q: Can I book an Airbnb for work travel?
A: Yes. If it's most cost efficient for the University and assumes all the risk and any associated issues that may arise from since Airbnb is not booked through Anthony Travel-Concur.

Q: An employee went on an approved international work trip from the International Center, but did not submit a Travel Authorization ahead of the trip. What do they need to do?
A:  If reimbursement is being requested, they must attach a copy of the Provost FINAL travel approval for the location and travel dates to their expense report.

Q: If there is a local conference, but an employee needs to stay in a hotel, is that allowable?
A: Yes. The hotel is an allowable expense but must be approved by the department, especially if it's for a local conference. For reimbursement, an expense report must be submitted after the event/conference, just as if employee were going out of state. 

Q: How long does it take after a cash advance is submitted?
A: The Cash advance goes through an approval process and requires several levels of approval. It is recommended that cash advance is submitted 2-3 weeks (3 weeks minimum for International) prior to anticipated travel. A cash advance also requires a travel authorization. Both cash advance and travel authorization must be fully approved before Accounts Payable pays the cash advance.

Q: Are we allowed to do a "ride share" with another department when traveling for a work conference?
A: Yes. When an expense report is created, please indicate that in the comments for all travelers. All travelers must have an approved Expense Profile.

Q: If a group of graduate students travel to a conference, can one student get a travel card and book several conference rooms on that one travel card?
A: Yes. Please email for approval from our office. This way we are aware before any expense reports are submitted.

Q: How do you get the UofL rate for car rental if you book it yourself?
A: Please contact

Q: Is there still the option to put registrations for individuals with a ProCard rather than their travel card?
A: Yes. A ProCard can be used for a registration.
Q: We were recently trained that registrations were forbidden on travel cards, is this true?
A: No. Registrations for business are an allowable expense on travel cards for the individual. ProCard's may also be utilized for conference registrations.  
Q: The University is expecting to have 5,000+ more travel cards to track, correct?
A: Yes. We strongly advise individuals against using personal cards for business travel. Even if the individual is planning on going on one trip for the duration of their employment.

Q: Can we do a cash deposit at Bursar’s Office?
A: Yes. At this time, the Bursar's Office accepts cash deposits, but please view the sites below for current procedures. The Bursar's Office is only responsible for accepting and logging the cash deposit; they are not responsible for filling out the transmittal, deposit slip, emailing University Accounting deposit grid, etc.

The Office of Finance and Administration serves all eligible faculty, staff, and students regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age.

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