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Q: How do I request a Concur profile (employees only)?
A: Send the following information to

  • Name as listed on your government issued ID
  • ULink login
  • Department name
  • Speed Type
  • TSA Secure Flight Details (gender and date of birth)
  • Work phone (cell phone is not required, but highly recommended)

Q: How can I change a speedtype on a travel reservation in Concur?
A: When booking a reservation, the speedtype can be changed on the ‘Trip Booking Information” page. Select “YES” when asked if you need to change the speedtype and enter new speedtype.

If travel has already been ticketed, please contact to update the speedtype prior to posting.

Travelers are responsible for maintaining their own Concur Profile. The Concur profile and the Travel and Expense profile in Financials do not sync.


Travel & Expense system (T&E)

Q: Who requires a PeopleSoft “Travel & Expense” Profile?
A: Any employee or student needing to be reimbursed by UofL, as well as anyone that enters, or approves expense reports, must have an active travel and expense profile.

Please note:

  • Students paid through UofL payroll should be set up as an employee – will get an employee account.
  • Students not paid by UofL Payroll Dept, should have a student account, indicated with an “S” before the ID. Proxies must create and submit reports on behalf of a student.

Q: How do I know if I have a T&E profile, or how do I create one and/or make changes?
A: One will require an account for PS Financials (T&E system), which you can try logging in with ULink userID and password. If unable to gain access; your departmental UBM, LFO or someone with financials access must make the request, instructions can be found here. Requests will go to department LFO, ITS and the Accounts Payable Office. Requester will receive notification when completed. Student profile requests should include student’s name and current mailing address.

    • If someone needs the ability to approve at the Supervisor level, that should be added in the note section of the profile request.
    • If security is setup, put in the profile request again.
    • Profiles and travel expense access is not made through the account request process. You are given the security when someone requests the T&E profile. You can see who has a profile in: BI>FI>Department>Financials Access - Expenses.
    • Once you have access to PeopleSoft T&E system, go to: NavBar (compass in upper right corner) > Menu > Employee Self Service > Travel and Expenses > Review/Edit Profile.

Our office can check to see if a profile exists and if the user has the appropriate security. Security drops off anytime there is a change in the employee’s job data (HR) status. We do not have access to see if passwords are correct.  If profile exists but no security, a profile modification should be entered.  

Q: How do I see who has a profile and the profile’s current settings (i.e speedtype, supervisor, proxies)?
A: Login to BI with ULink userID and password. Path/Link to view Financials Access-Expenses; requires Dept ID and Empl ID: BI>FI>Department>Financials Access - Expenses.

Q: What do I do to get reimbursed for business travel?
A: You will need to submit a T&E report through PS Financials. A proxy can create the report but should not submit.

Q: How do I create a new expense report OR access a pending expense report?
A: Log into PS Financials and following the path below. Enter any Search Criteria under “Find an Existing Value” tab or if a new report; click on “Add a New Value” and enter Empl ID.

NavBar (compass in upper right corner) > Menu > Employee Self Service > Travel and Expenses > Expense Reports > Create/Modify.

Please note: Select the “Find an Existing Value” tab to access a report already started.

Q: How will I receive my reimbursement?
A: Employee reimbursements are sent electronically via EFT. The system will send a remittance email to the employee when payment is set to be transmitted. Students will receive a check to the address listed in their profile.

Q: How do I view an expense report?
A: Proxies or employees can view a report by logging into PS Financials and following the path below:

NavBar (compass in upper right corner) > Menu > Employee Self Service > Travel and Expenses > Expense Reports > View. Enter any Search Criteria and select Search.

Please note: Notifications to submit should not be sent from View.

Q: Why am I unable to submit my report?
A: The submit button will be greyed out if the certify box is not checked or errors exist on the report. Click the save button to see errors, they will be highlighted in red or marked with a red flag.

Q: Why can’t I login to the system after receiving a notification to approve a reimbursement?
A: This could be an access or a password issue. Please contact email  and we will check if employee has proper access. For password issues please contact Information Technology Services (ITS).

Q: Why am I unable to approve a report?
A: The approve button will be greyed out if the report has not been budget checked or a budget error. The system will automatically budget check every 2 hours. If accessing before the system has run the budget check, an approver can run the check manually by clicking the Budget Options link.

If a budget error exists, either the speedtype needs to be changed or the budget needs to be corrected.

Occasionally, the approve button will be unavailable if the accounting date is not in the current period. The approver should change to the current date and manually run a budget check. Accounting date is located toward the top of the report.

Q: How can I tell why an expense report was denied?
A: A comment is required anytime a report is denied or sent back for edits. The comment can be seen in View or create/modify.

Q: How do I change a speedtype on an expense report?
A: If prior to submission, the creator will open the accounting detail and enter the speedtype in the Speedtype Key field. The tab button should be used to move through the line and the system will update the fund code and department number.

Any approver may do the same on each expense line, but a budget check will be required after changing.


Travel Card

Q: What's the purpose of a travel card?
A: The purpose of a travel card is to allow an employee to charge appropriate items while traveling and to not have any out-of-pocket expenses that require reimbursement back to the employee. See Travel Card website. Personal purchases are strictly forbidden, including personal meals.

Q: Who is eligible for a travel card?
A: All full-time employees are eligible for a travel card. Employees must have an active T&E profile in PeopleSoft Financials, complete Blackboard training and return a fully signed application.

Q: How do I request a travel card?
A: Please send requests for cards to Please include employee ID in email and you must have an active T&E profile. Once the request is received, the travel team will send the employee an application and training instructions. The application will be prepopulated with the information from the travel and expense profile.

Q: What is the billing address for the Travel Card?
A: 2215 S. Brook St, Service Complex, 2nd Fl, Rm 212, Louisville, KY 40208

Q: What is needed regarding the travel card after purchases are made?
A: All purchases on the travel card must be submitted on an expense report after travel has occurred. An expense report must be submitted by the employee.Charges will be allocated to the speedtype entered on the report.

Q: Where can travel card transactions be viewed?
A: Cardholders and their proxies can see transactions in PS Financials by logging into PS Financials and follow the path below:
NavBar (compass in upper right corner) > Menu > Employee Self Service > Travel and Expenses > My Wallet. Enter any Search Criteria under “Find an Existing Value” tab.

Reporting is also available by logging into BI with ULink userID and password. Path/Link to view Travel Card Transactions: Home > FI > Department > Travel_Card_Transactions; requires Empl ID, Dept ID, Begin and End Dates.



Q: Can I do personal travel after business travel?
A: Yes. Documentation is required to show the travel at least 2 weeks prior for cost comparison, showing the most cost efficient for the University from Anthony Travel. "Print a PDF" of document and save and continue on booking with actual travel (flight, car, etc) with the additional personal travel days. 

If the addition of personal travel is going to cost more, the traveler should pay out of pocket and only get reimbursed for the business portion.  Comparison is required.

Q: Can I book an Airbnb for work travel?
A: If it's most cost efficient for the University and assumes all the risk and any associated issues that may arise from.

Q: An employee went on an approved international work trip from the International Center, but did not submit a Travel Authorization ahead of the trip. What do they need to do?
A:  If reimbursement is being requested, they must attach a copy of the Provost FINAL travel approval for the location and travel dates to their expense report.

Q: If there is a local conference, but an employee needs to stay in a hotel, is that allowable?
A: Yes, the hotel is an allowable expense. For reimbursement, an expense report must be submitted after the event/conference, just as if employee were going out of state. 

Q: How long does it take after a cash advance is submitted?
A: The Cash advance goes through an approval process and requires several levels of approval. It is recommended that cash advance is submitted 2-3 weeks (3 weeks minimum for International) prior to anticipated travel. A cash advance also requires a travel authorization. Both cash advance and travel authorization must be fully approved before Accounts Payable pays the cash advance.

Q: Are we allowed to do a "ride share" with another department when traveling for a work conference?
A: Yes. When an expense report is created, please indicate that in the comments for all travelers. 

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