Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I need to include in my petition?
a. With every petition you should include a petition form, a 1 page typed letter explaining your situation and your plans for being a successful student in the future. You will also need to include any supporting documentation that may help your appeal. If you are requesting a complete late withdrawal you will need to include the instructor’s form for every class that you were enrolled in for that semester.
What kind of supporting documents should I include?
a. Any official documents that can help support why you may have had trouble previously. Ex: Funeral notes, Medical records, legal documents, etc.
Where do I turn my forms in?
a. Please submit your documents at: http://louisville.edu/education/eass/undergrad-academic-form-submit/. You can also deliver your forms to the Center for Student Advising and Development office (located in the College of Education Building - Room 140) or you can email your documents directly to Andrew Hovekamp at andrew.hovekamp@louisville.edu.
Who do I talk to if I have questions about the forms?
a. You can always talk to your advisor or you can contact Andrew Hovekamp at 502-852-0953 or andrew.hovekamp@louisville.edu.
Late Withdrawal
How do I know if I am eligible for a complete late withdrawal?
a. Any student in the college of education that wishes to withdraw completely from a semester past the withdrawal date is eligible for a petition. The student should have had some extenuating circumstances that led to the inability to withdraw on time or caused low grades in the semester.
Can I do a complete late withdrawal for just one of my classes in a particular semester?
a. Your complete late withdrawal is for the whole semester you are petitioning for. If you have multiple classes, your petition will be for all of the courses taken that semester.