About Us


The office of Undergraduate Advising and Student Development assists and supports students in pursuit of their academic, career, and personal goals.


We strive to empower students to take ownership of their college experience. We provide guidance, resources, and opportunities to help students make informed decisions, develop effective communication skills, build relationships, and become engaged and inclusive citizens in their communities.


Through our work with undergraduate students, we strive to promote excellence in academics, engagement, and leadership. Alongside every student who enters our office, we will learn, grow, and improve. We are change-makers; dreamers and doers. We prepare students to question, think critically about, and solve the problems of their day. Through our interactions and relationships with students we will mutually support, encourage, respect, connect, and learn. We will lead with compassion, integrity, resilience, and determination, and ask all who enter our space to do the same. Together, with these values in mind, we will shape our campus, our community, and our world.