Staff Social Events

Please join us for social events hosted by the CEHDSA. Participation in these events is voluntary (and UofL COVID precautions will be observed)

Spring 2022 Semester Events

  • Welcome Back IP-Yay!
    • Thursday - January 6, 2022 5:30 - 7:30 EST
    • Join us at West Sixth Brewery in Nu-Lu to ring in the new spring semester. You can bring a friend and/or a significant other because we all know that these events are often awkward, but let's make some new friendships and meet some new people to start off 2022 on the best foot. 
  • Candygrams
    • Do you want to recognize a colleague for an amazing accomplishment? For being a rockstar at work? For being a good friend? For helping you through some work project? If yes, then tell us about it and we'll send them a candygram to recognize them for their work. Nominate a colleague from February 1 to February 19. Candygrams will be delivered on February 21-25, 2021. 
  • End of Term Breakfast Celebration
    • Thursday - April 14, 2022
    • Let us close out another successful year and recognize faculty, staff, and administrators who've made the 2021-2022 academic year a success.

 Summer 2022 social events coming soon.