Program Overview


Building on more than a decade of expertise in cybersecurity training, UofL is leading a Coalition of schools to develop a national cybersecurity curriculum. Our Cybersecurity Pathways Coalition includes: University of Arkansas Little Rock, the University of North Florida, Kentucky Community Technical Colleges Systems (16 community colleges), as well as a coalition liaison from the City University of Seattle. Each school in the coalition is a National Security Agency (NSA) designated National Center of Academic Excellence (NCAE) in Cyber Defense and contributes expertise, experience and skills aligned with cybersecurity systems.

The curriculum will be a cybersecurity foundation using healthcare data examples, and use cases. The skills learned however, are applicable to multiple industries. The  Cybersecurity Workforce Certificate initially during the pilot in fall 2021 will offer training for first responders (law enforcement, healthcare workers, IT specialist fire fighters etc..) along with transitioning military, and veterans. Throughout this 6-month certificate program, participants will also earn technology industry badges from Google, IBM, Microsoft and others, adding value to the cybersecurity certificate completion and providing pathways to additional educational opportunities by potentially converting the certificate into college credits at various institutions

 Cybersecurity Workforce Certificate- will be an open source for one year per RFP requirement - no videos/powerpoint so it is transportable to open source nationally via NSA

  • All curricula developed in the context of Healthcare (Labs, Datasets, etc.)
  • Tech Industry Badges earned throughout (IBM, Microsoft, etc.)
  • Progressive Industry Healthcare Cybersecurity Experiences
  • All Paths to Associate, Bachelors, and Graduate Degrees!

Grant award number: NSA Grant Number: H98230-20-1-0347

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