Master Educator Course (MEC)

MEC Shield

Program Overview

The Master Educator Course (MEC) is a collaboration between the University of Louisville's College of Education & Human Development and U.S. Army Cadet Command. MEC is an accredited, educational experience designed to educate Army ROTC Cadre, as well as other military instructors and trainers, in pedagogy and instructional strategies, learning sciences and facilitation of learning, curriculum development, effects of college on students, and organizational analysis in higher education.

MEC is an 18 credit-hour program delivered across two components: the face-to-face residential components at University of Louisville’s campus and the clinical component delivered online through instructor coaching and mentoring. Students who participate in MEC are also fully admitted into the Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration at the University of Louisville. Upon completion of MEC requirements, MEC participants will have earned 18 graduate credit hours and will have the opportunity to continue their academic work and earn the degree.