School Districts

To find the location, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and other information about schools with which the College of Education and Human Development places candidates for field and clinical experiences, visit the following district websites:

Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS):

Indiana Public Schools:

Ohio Valley Education Cooperative (OVEC) School Districts

OVEC represents 14 rural, urban, and small city schools located within a 20-60 minute drive from the UofL campus. OVEC members include the following school districts:

All of our district schools welcome College of Education and Human Development students for field placements and student teaching. Experiences include:

  • Close colleagial relationships with teacher and administrative professionals
  • Good connections to mentor teachers and school culture
  • Supportive parent and community involvement
  • High participation in extracurricular activities for students, faculty and staff
  • Smaller class sizes with lower student/teacher ratios
  • Strong emphasis on special education collaboration

As part of the UofL partnership with OVEC district schools, we collaborate on the P-16 council and work to meet the needs of all students in districts surrounding our campus.