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Please refer to the Teaching and Learning Pathway/Dual Credit document below, which aims to ensure that Dual Credit education courses meet the same standards as our on-campus courses.

For additional information, the document links below answer questions about Dual Credit classes, including questions about instructor and student eligibility, and the benefits of becoming a Dual Credit Partner with UL.

For more information about Teaching and Learning Pathway/Dual Credit classes, please email Dual Credit Coordinator, Charles Rains at


The Teaching and Learning Pathway/Dual Credit

The College of Education and Human Resources (CEHD) at the University of Louisville recognizes the importance of creating effective educational partnerships with Kentucky school districts. The CEHD is committed to maintaining a high quality of instruction for students in its undergraduate courses both on and off campus. The general principle guiding this program, in accordance with accreditation policies, is that curricular and pedagogical standards determined by the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) and University faculty must be maintained in the University’s offerings in whatever venue they are offered. The CEHD affirms that to maintain this high quality of instruction for high school students enrolled in Dual Credit courses, the Dual Credit courses should meet the following criteria:

1. In order to provide students with appropriate opportunities for acquiring college-level, pre-professional credit hours, the UofL Teaching and Learning Pathway shall offer only three Education Teacher Preparation (EDTP) courses that correspond to the KDE Teaching and Learning Career Pathway (
EDTP 201 The Teaching Profession (KDE 331030 The Learning Community);
EDTP 215 Foundations of Instruction (KDE 331032 The Professional Educator); and
EDTP 107 Human Development and Learning (KDE 331031 The Learner-Centered Classroom).

2. Students enrolled in Dual Credit courses must be assured a high quality of instruction that is consistent with the curriculum and instruction in all University of Louisville EDTP courses. In accordance with SACs requirements, all instructor credentials, course syllabi, and enrollment criteria for all Dual Credit classes must be approved by the CEHD Dual Credit Coordinator before any students are registered for the courses. Agreements to establish new Teaching and Learning Dual Credit courses may not be made without the approval of the Coordinator.

3. The three EDTP dual credit courses require the same number of field experience hours as designated by the KDE Teaching and Learning Career Pathway. The District and/or High School Instructor will be responsible for making arrangements for all field experiences and for assisting students in recording field experience hours in the KDE Educational Professional Standards Board (EPSB) KFETS system. The High School Instructor must keep a log of all field experience hours for each student on the CEHD Record of Field Experience Log form and submit these forms to the CEHD at the end of each course. All such Logs will be kept in a CEHD Student File on each student for documentation purposes in case the student elects to apply to a University of Louisville teacher preparation program.

4. The Dual Credit Coordinator and/or CEHD Director of Assessment are responsible for designing assessment measures for the courses and deciding what response assessment results require in terms of approval of instructors and curriculum design. Instructors will be given sample syllabi and Hallmark Assessment Tasks (HATs) for each of the three EDTP courses. These may be adapted by the Instructor, except for the non-negotiable course content as outlined in the Dual Credit Memorandum of Agreement.