Fitness Evaluation Program

Mission of the FEP

Fitness Evaluation ProgramThe Exercise Physiology Lab at the University of Louisville offers the most precise and science-based performance and body composition testing protocols available. The information gained from this testing will give you the most accurate picture of where you are and where you are going on your journey toward better health and fitness.


FEP Services and Price List

TestNon-Student (Individual)Non-Student Group (5+)Student (Individual)Student Group (5+)
VO2 max w/VT85.00x65.00x
VO2 max with Lactate Threshold (cycle)130.00x95.00x
VO2 max with Lactate Threshold (treadmill)150.00x115.00x
Lactate Threshold100.00x75.00x
Resting Met. Rate110.00x85.00x
Weight Mgmt Package (single)
Pre/Post Package
Hydrostatic Weighing
(single test)
Hydrostatic Weighing (pkg of 3)100.0075.0075.0050.00

Fitness Evaluation Program

What information can the FEP provide?

VO2 max and Lactate Threshold (treadmill or cycle)

  • Will provide an accurate assessment of cardiorespiratory fitness level
  • Lactate Threshold testing will show the percentage of VO2 max at which one crosses over to anaerobic metabolism
  • Information gathered can be coupled with heart rate data to determine optimal training intensities for different types of workouts

Body Composition Tests

  • Hydrostatic weighing will give one the most accurate data (+/- 2.5%) on body composition (percentage of fat-mass vs. fat free mass)
  • If a less-invasive method, albeit somewhat less accurate (+/- 3.5%,) is preferred, the Skinfold method of assessment is also available
  • Waist-to-hip circumference measurements will provide a simple yet effective way to track progress during weight/fat loss efforts

Resting Metabolic Rate

  • Learn how many calories the body uses at rest to perform basic metabolic functions
  • Determine the primary fuel source used by the body at rest (carbohydrate or fat)
  • Use this information to determine appropriate caloric intake and energy expenditure through exercise