Secondary Earth Science Content Pre-requisites

Students must complete prerequisite courses as indicated below to be eligible for application to the program. These prerequisite courses may be taken in post-baccalaureate status through the University of Louisville or through another accredited institution upon approval of an Education Advisor. An overall 2.50 grade point average is required for certification. Applicants who have remaining prerequisite, content courses should have an official transcript evaluation prior to enrolling in those courses.

  • MATH 109, Elementary Statistics (3 hours)
  • MATH 190, Precalculus (4 hours)
  • PHYS 107/108, Elementary Astronomy and Lab (4 hours)
  • GEOS 200, The Global Environment (3 hours)
  • GEOS 220, Contemporary Issues in Meteorology (3 hours)
  • GEOS 363, Climatology (3 hours)
  • GEOS 367, Geomorphology (3 hours)
  • GEOS 564, Hydrology (3 hours)

A minimum of 12 hours in biology, chemistry, and physics, with at least one course in each area, must also be completed.